Where Are They Now? HYBE’s Eliminated Trainees From “&AUDITION – The Howling” One Year Later

Were any of these trainees your picks?

In 2022, HYBE introduced the survival program &AUDITION — The Howling to select HYBE Labels Japan‘s first boy group members. The remaining nine trainees debuted as &Team, but many may wonder what the eliminated trainees have been up to in the year since they were introduced as participants.

Here are updates on the six eliminated trainees!

1. Gaku

Not much is known about Gaku‘s current activities, though fans have patiently waited for his debut, even putting up cheering ads to celebrate one year since he was announced on the show.

2. Hikaru

Following his elimination, not much has been heard about Hikaru. Some fans have guessed he may be part of the pre-debut Pledis Boyz that appeared at SEVENTEEN‘s concert.

3. Junwon

Sometime after his elimination, Junwon left HYBE Labels Japan and joined PocketDol Studio. He joined another survival program, Fantasy Boys, where he ranked number one and will debut as the likely center of the group, Fantasy Boys.

4. Hayate

There have been no public updates or rumors about Hayate‘s whereabouts since the show ended.

5. Yejun

Yejun has had no public activities since his elimination, though he is of the right age to debut in the upcoming ADOR boy group. A classmate shared a short clip of the star, showing that he is attending classes.

6. Minhyung

Before deleting his Instagram account a few months ago, fans noticed Minhyung followed ADOR and its head Min Hee Jin, fueling rumors he may now be training to debut under that label’s planned boy group. 

-An account on TikTok said to be his has updated with dance covers and a video showing support for Junwon’s Fantasy Boys win.


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