10+ Unintentionally Odd English Lines In K-Pop Songs

They’re weird but good.

Although K-Pop songs are mostly in Korean, there are a number of songs that include English lines. While it can give these songs a more worldwide appeal, it can be difficult to get the hang of all the subtle nuances of the English language. Because of this, some lines end up sounding a little bit awkward to a native speaker. While this isn’t always the case, and there are plenty of songs with really great English lines, here are just a few that might sound a little bit funny even if they aren’t supposed to.


1. “Sexy, free and single I’m ready to bingo.”

Everyone has probably heard the saying “I’m sexy, free and single. I’m ready to mingle.” And while the writers of Super Junior‘s “Sexy, Free & Single” were so, so close they decided to go with “bingo.” Luckily, however, even though the lyric is super strange, every K-Pop fan absolutely loves this one!


2. “Like ICE-T, I’m OG. I’m demon like I-T. Got more juice than Hi-C.”

If you aren’t aware of this line in BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” it’s probably because you haven’t heard the Japanese version! Lisa‘s rap in this version is quickly becoming iconic because of the interesting choice of lines but it’s incredibly catchy and will make you want to rap right along with her!


3. “Every day I shock. Every night I shock.”

No one is quite sure what the meaning of this line is in BEAST‘s “SHOCK” but it’s one line that no one can forget. With a completely danceable beat and lines that we can all sing to even if we don’t know what they mean, “SHOCK” is definitely an absolute blast of a song.


4. “Just close your lips, shut your tongue.”

While we all know the expression should have been either “hold your tongue” or “shut your mouth,” the lyrics to Super Junior‘s “Mamacita” somehow combined the two in a way that doesn’t make too much sense. And although we don’t know how to shut our tongue we all love this line so much. What K-Pop fan doesn’t know this lyric?


5. “Shawty imma party til the sundown.”

One of the most iconic lines in K-Pop, this lyric from EXO‘s “Love Me Right” just can’t be beaten. And even if you consider the fact that this means Sehun wouldn’t be partying for very long at all, it’s just so darn loveable that we all forgive them for only allowing him to stay up until 8 PM.


6. “Be my Barbie. Be my, be my Barbie. Be my Barbie at the BBQ.”

We’re not really sure what was going on in this one. The Barbie reference, okay…but why at the barbeque? Who knows! But fans are absolutely in love with this odd lyric from MYTEEN‘s “BBQ (At the Barbeque)”.


7. “Your love, plus my love… supa luv.”

Towards the end of TEEN TOP‘s “Supa Luv” you get this classic line that has made fans giggle ever since they first heard it. But fans aren’t just giggling over the slightly silly lyric, they’ve also fallen head over heels for it because it’s surprisingly great!


8. “Oh, my beautiful target. You zoom zoom heart like a rocket!”

They were probably going for “you zoom into my heart like a rocket” in B1A4‘s “Beautiful Target” but it didn’t quite get there. Honestly, it’s okay though, because it still makes a little bit of sense and fans really dig it.


9. “Racks on racks. I’m flexing crazy!”

This line might not sound all too familiar if you’re used to listening to the regular version of BLACKPINK‘s “Boombayah” but if you’ve ever heard them perform it on a music show this is the line you’d know. The original line, “middle finger up F,” was deemed too inappropriate for television so it was changed to this. It’s not bad but every English speaker knows the original makes a lot more sense.

10. “Don’t deny our love is r-squared-pi.”

U-KISS‘s “0330” contains this gem that literally just means our love is the area of a circle. Not sure if that’s what they were going for but oddly it works!


11. “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands yo.”

NCT 127‘s “Cherry Bomb” is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head super easily and with so many great English lines scattered throughout the song, it’s also easy to sing along to. Which might be why everyone notices this line! Although it seems a bit silly at first, the group managed to take something normally reserved for children and turn it into a popping line!


12. “My life is a beauty.”

Although this one technically uses correct grammar, English speakers would definitely find this one a little unnatural as people would normally say “my life is beautiful.” Even though it sounds a bit strange, we all can’t help loving this line from Taeyeon‘s “I”.