Here Are 10 Oddly Satisfying Times The SHINee Members Were Perfectly In Sync

#2 never gets old!

All the SHINee members are great dancers, and they are always perfectly in sync every time they perform their choreography!

Here are 10 times the SHINee members were perfectly in sync that we’ll never get over!

1. When they slayed “1 of 1” without the music

SHINee doesn’t even need to hear the beat to stay in sync. They’re just that good!

2. Every time they perform “Everybody”

The “Everybody” choreography is extremely difficult, but the members are always perfectly in sync every time they perform it. Also, we’ll never get tired of seeing Onew‘s windmill arms!

3. “Atlantis” is peak SHINee in sync content

This whole choreography is soooo satisfying!

4. They’re basically the OGs of synchronizations

The members never miss a beat when they perform “Lucifer!”

5. They’re all stepping at the *exact* same time during this “Hello” performance

SHINee always moves as one!

6. There’s just something so satisfying about the “Ring Ding Dong” choreography

This iconic dance move is so satisfying that we’ll totally understand if you watch this gif a million times.

7. Oh, we’re curious (yeah) about how they always move so perfectly in sync

“Sherlock” is full of great synchronized choreography moments!

8. Moving microphones in sync is much harder than it looks

Seriously, this “Dream Girl” choreography takes major skills!

9. SHINee’s career is basically a study in synchronization

Throughout their entire career, SHINee has consistently shown how in sync they are! Just take a look at this “Love Like Oxygen” choreography!

10. This leg move is everything

The “Don’t Call Me” choreography is just mindblowing!