Here Are The Official English Names Of All 12 TREASURE Members

Who would have expected these? 😲

For a lot of people in Asian countries who end up working abroad, it is common for them to have two different names: the original in their native language, and a second that’s traditionally English. This is usually done in order to make their conversations with people from Western countries go more smoothly.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that all 12 members of TREASURE have their very own English names. In fact, they actually went around a circle and revealed them one by one during the group’s Debut Countdown live stream last year!

So, for all of the new Teumes out there and also those who might just not remember, here are the English names of TREASURE:

1. Hyunsuk – Daniel

Sharing a name with popular soloist Kang Daniel and MONSTA X‘s I.M, it’s no doubt that Hyunsuk went with a tried-and-true classic!

2. Jihoon – Jun

The last time we checked, Jun isn’t exactly an English name, but that won’t stop Jihoon from rocking it anyways!

3. Yoshi – Jaden

Yoshi kept things short and sweet with a simple introduction of his English name, Jaden!

4. Junkyu – David

Although Junkyu thought about going with “Simon”, he immediately backtracked and decided on the name one of his teachers gave him: David!

5. Mashiho – Mama

Mashiho shocked everyone by revealing that he’d like to go by… Mama? It’s definitely a unique name, but we have a feeling it might end up causing some confusion for him in the future!

6. Jaehyuk – Kevin

Somebody call THE BOYZ because we’ve got another Kevin on our hands: Jaehyuk!

7. Asahi – Arthur

Asahi paid homage to one of his favorite fictional characters, The Joker, by using the English name Arthur. Although we believe it also fits because he has a royal charm just like the king!

8. Yedam – Kyle

With a serious expression on his face, Yedam exuded absolute ~swag~ while presenting his English name, Kyle.

9. Doyoung – Sam

Doyoung confidently pointed directly into the camera and announced that his English name is Sam with a big smile!

10. Haruto – Travis

Haruto cutely winked at to viewers while explaining that he’s taking on the name Travis!

11. Jeongwoo – Justin

Just like the Bieber himself, Jeongwoo asked for everyone to refer to him as Justin!

12. Junghwan – John

After the other members seemed so surprised by his choice, Junghwan hilariously emphasized that “It’s John, come onnn!”

Which names do you think suit them the best?


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