8 Official Instrumental K-Pop Songs That Prove That Sometimes, Words Aren’t Needed To Touch Your Heart

You might even think that lyrics are overrated!

Instrumentals used to be a common addition to any album, but now they’re almost impossible to find! These 8 instrumental songs are here to prove why we don’t always need lyrics to have a good time.


The beat is fun and chill at the same time!

2. ONF’s “We Must Love”

This almost feels like it should be in a video game!

3. VROMANCE’s “Star”

The perfect sleep song.


The traditional instruments are gorgeous!

5. VICTON’s “Mayday”

For more of a dark and bassy vibe, this song is medicine to your ears.

6. Apink’s “The Wave”

This is perfect for a road trip with friends!

7. ONEUS’s “No Diggity”

“No Diggity” is a rollercoaster of sounds that is amazingly entertaining to listen to.

8. EXID’s “Night Rather Than Day”

This song is smooth and will make your day flow right by!

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