These Are The Official Positions Of The X1 Members

Their positions have been revealed.

After the line-up for the winning group of Produce X 101 was revealed, Swing Entertainment (the company that will be managing the group) released the official positions of the X1 members.

1. Han Seungwoo

han seungwoo1

Position: Main Vocal

2. Cho Seungyeon

cho seungyeon1

Position: Lead Vocal, Lead Rapper

3. Kim Wooseok

kim wooseok1

Position: Lead Vocal

4. Kim Yohan

kim yohan2

Position: Center, Subvocal

5. Lee Hangyul

lee hangyul1

Position: Main Dancer, Subvocal

6. Cha Junho

cha junho2

Position: Subvocal

7. Son Dongpyo

son dongpyo1

Position: Lead Dancer, Subvocal

8. Kang Minhee

kang minhee1

Position: Lead Vocal

9. Lee Eunsang

lee eunsang2

Position: Subvocal

10. Song Hyungjoon

song hyungjoon1

Position: Lead Vocal, Sub-Rapper

11. Nam Dohyun

nam dohyun3

Position: Main Rapper

x1 positions

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