These Are Officially The Most Underappreciated BTS Tracks From “Love Yourself” Era

Based on streaming data from Spotify, these BTS songs get the least love.

Every ARMY has those favorite BTS songs that no one else seems to love as much as they do. But which tracks are truly the most underappreciated? Based on Spotify streaming data, these are officially the top 5 tracks from “Love Yourself: Her”, “Love Yourself: Tear”, and “Love Yourself: Answer” with the least listens from fans. Do you think they deserve better?


#5. Paradise

50.1 million plays on Spotify

“Paradise” is a classic R&B track from BTS. The deep bass shines in the instrumental, especially during the song’s rap elements. The lyrics take inspiration from a New Year’s message from Suga, who assured fans that it’s okay to not know where you’re going in life. This is a heartfelt song that lets everyone know there’s nothing wrong with slowing down and taking a moment to not chase a dream.


#4. Outro: Her

43.5 million plays on Spotify

Rap line songs are some of the most underappreciated tracks from Love Yourself era. “Outro: Her”, which also appears on “Love Yourself: Answer”, is no exception. This song evokes an old-style hip-hop vibe with a laid-back instrumental. The clever lyrics hinted at the future instalments of the Love Yourself series while also addressing the complexity of a love with ups and downs.


#3. Trivia: Just Dance

40.7 million plays on Spotify

J-Hope‘s solo, “Trivia: Just Dance”, is a groovy hip-hop song that fits in perfectly with the energy from his “Hope World” mixtape. His unique voice goes great with the cheerful, jazzy rhythm as he talks about dancing as a metaphor for electric love.


#2. 134340

39.4 million plays on Spotify

“134340” is the most mature track on “Love Yourself: Her”, but it still has the least plays on the album. This jazz song has a space-like vibe, keeping in theme with its title—134340 is the new name of Pluto after it was downgraded from planet status. The lyrics reflect the same theme, discussing the loneliness around losing your identity and separating from those once close to you.


#1. Trivia: Love

35.2 million plays on Spotify

With just 35 million Spotify listens, RM‘s solo track “Trivia: Love” is the most underappreciated track from the Love Yourself era. The song’s lyrics address a shift in a relationship, while the song itself represents a transition between two sections of the “Love Yourself: Answer” album, setting up the similar themes to come in “Fake Love”. “Trivia: Love” may have a stripped back instrumental, but it’s still a very impactful song.