8 Of Oh My Girl Jiho’s Most Iconic Photoshoot Moments For You To Marvel At

Her visual serve is crazy!

As the visual of Oh My Girl, Jiho‘s certainly a beauty who always leaves everyone starstruck!

Here are 8 of Jiho’s most iconic photoshoot looks for you to marvel at, where she slayed with her visuals and will definitely leave you breathless!

1. Coupled with her blonde hair, Jiho is serving angelic visuals in white!

2. An ethereal concept for an ethereal beauty!

| WM Entertainment
| WM Entertainment

3. The royal vibes Jiho’s giving off in this photoshoot are perfect!

4. The combined visuals of Jiho and Binnie are too much to handle!

| Naver

5. What a graceful beauty!

| WM Entertainment
| WM Entertainment
| WM Entertainment

6. Jiho’s visuals are legendary!

7. She killed this photoshoot with her regal visuals!

8. Visual queen!