Oh My Girls’ YooA Has The Perfect Balance Of Skill That Makes Her A Born-To-Be Idol

A talented queen.

Oh My Girl is a seven member group that debuted under WM Entertainment in 2015. YooA is the lead vocalist and main dancer of the group and has continuously shown what good balance she has in being an idol.


Although visuals may differ based on the person, YooA overall has a very cute yet unique look that is seen as pretty to a majority of people.


Her body proportions are already quite well-known to the public as she has an amazing physique at just 160 cm (5”2).


As the main dancer of Oh My Girl, she is able to dance to any style or genre and is known for dancing lightly and gracefully. Her older brother is also a well-known choreographer at 1 Million dance studio.


As the lead vocal of the group, she has a strong voice that can go between low and high notes with ease. She is also has no problem with adlibs as she has a great foundation.


Although she might not look like it, she is also good at wrap and is known for her amazing diction and sound.


She is also a master of making cute faces on variety shows and knows just how to grab the viewer’s attention.


She also seems to have great physical strength and is always doing her best on idol sports shows and events.

She is truly a born-to-be idol that is excels in all fields!