These Old But Gold K-Pop Idol GIFs Will Brighten Up Your Self-Isolated Day

They’re all so silly!

K-Pop idols, and their silly nature shining through at the weirdest moments, are perfect sources for creating hilarious memes. These most popular GIFs are oldies, but nevertheless, such goodies. Korean netizens have come to give them such fitting titles too – and with that, these will keep you laughing endlessly!

1. “When You See Your Friend Being Professional”

Find yourself a BFF like Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri who will roast you for being extra.

2. “When Your Life Depends On The Water Bottle”

Here’s BTS V‘s friendly reminder to drink water and stay hydrated. Or you’ll die.

3. “Sonic the Hedgehog”

Someone teach OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee how to properly open a bag of crackers.

4. “Can’t Sexy”

Apink Bomi‘s epic failure at trying to be sexy hits right at home.+

5. “Double Trouble”

Also, find yourself a brother like GOT7‘s Mark and who will be ugly with you on your ugly days.

6. “Sister vs. Mom”

You know exactly which TWICE member is the sister and which is the mom.

7. “Sensitive B*tch”

Sometimes, you relate 200% with HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob being sensitive AF. Ouch.

8. “Why Won’t Anyone Believe Me!”

WINNER‘s Mino is you when you swear to the fridge god you didn’t finish the cake.

9. “When You Remember You’re At Work”

EXO‘s Chanyeol is a professional, so are you.

10. “The One Who Has The Toothpaste”

Does anyone know what SEVENTEEN is doing, or is this just our lives on a daily basis?