This One Shirt Is Taking Over K-Pop — Here Are 6 Idols Who Have Rocked It

It’s definitely a new fave for K-Pop stylists!

The brand MISBHV has been making waves in the K-Pop industry lately, but this one style of shirt in particular has made its way into tons of idol groups’ wardrobes!

“MISBHV high collar fitted top | FARFETCH

This paneled, high-collar top from MISBHV goes online for $100–300. It comes in a long-sleeve and a short-sleeve version, both of which have been worn by these 6 idols!


1. THE BOYZ’ Juyeon

Juyeon wore the shirt for THE BOYZ’ Japanese album Breaking Dawn! He paired it with some leather pants and thick gloves, matching the futuristic concept. Fans were shook to say the least by how good he looked in this shirt. It was so iconic that to this day, many refer to this shirt as the “Juyeon shirt!”

Juyeon from THE BOYZ. | @THEBOYZJAPAN/Twitter

2. THE BOYZ’ Hyunjae

Hyunjae also wore the MISBHV top for the Breaking Dawn concept! However, he wore his with a vest over it and sported some oversized orange glasses too. Even though we didn’t get to see the MISBHV shirt on Hyunjae without the vest in the way, he still totally rocked it!

Hyunjae from THE BOYZ. | @THEBOYZJAPAN/Twitter

3. OMEGA X’s Hyuk

Hyuk from OMEGA X is wearing the MISBHV shirt in the concept photos for their first single album, What’s Goin’ On! The stylists went for a monochromatic look on him, complementing the shirt with a pair of leather pants, black and white gloves, and super chunky boots.

Hyuk from OMEGA X. | @OmegaX_Official/Twitter

4. Aespa’s Winter

Winter from aespa wore a bodysuit version of the shirt for “Next Level!” She wore it underneath an electric blue leather jacket and with a matching pair of blue shorts. For accessories, she had on a thick silver chain that totally went with the edgy look!

Winter from aespa. | SMTOWN/YouTube


Dino wore the MISBHV shirt in SEVENTEEN’s video for “Anyone!” He wore the short-sleeve version with some fingerless gloves and of course, leather pants. It completely fit in with the racetrack set the group filmed the video on!


6. Taemin

Last but certainly not least, Taemin posted a photo of himself wearing the MISBHV shirt on February 21, 2020. Unfortunately, we don’t have a full outfit picture of Taemin this day, but there’s no doubt in our minds that he looked incredible as always!

Taemin from SHINee and SuperM. | @superm_jp/Twitter