It’s Been One Year Since The First Episode of Produce 101…Here’s Where All 101 Of Them Are Now

Here’s what they’re all doing all 101 of them.

Can you believe it’s only been a year since the first Produce 101 Season 2 episode aired? Let’s catch up on all 101 trainees and see where they are now!


Individual Trainees

1. Kim Sangbin


Sangbin was known for his powerful rap and being a look-a-like to BIGBANG’s Daesung. He debuted under the stage name BIL, and launched a V Live channel as well.


2. Lee Insoo

Although he wasn’t able to find success with his appearances on BOYS24 and Produce 101, he is still sharing his progress with fans and staying in touch with his friends from Produce 101 days via Instagram.

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3. Kim Jaehwan


Jaehwan‘s final rank was 4th place and he became the main vocal of Wanna One. He is now signed with one of Korea’s biggest entertainment labels — CJ&M!


4. Kim Chan

In July 2017, he held a fanmeting with fellow Produce 101 Season 2 contestants Byun Hyunmin, Kim Taweoo, and Choi Jaewoo.

They also released a song for their fans called “Present”, however fans have not heard from him since.


5. Choi Dongha

It was revealed that Dongha placed 30th in the world rank for Overwatch, but he refused offers from pro teams to focus on singing. From the looks of the his Instagram, he seems as passionate as ever!

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2able Company

6. Ju Wontak


He debuted as lead vocal of RAINZ, a project group with 6 other Produce 101 trainees. They recently came back with “Somebody” and have been busy with Japanese promotions.


2Y Entertainment

7. Lee Kiwon


Kiwon also debuted as a lead vocal for RAINZ, and keeps fans updated on his daily life via social media.


Ardor and Able (now Star Crew Entertainment)


8. Roh Taehyun

Taehyun is currently the leader of fan-created group JBJ with 5 other Produce 101 trainees. Their final single will come out on April 17, before disbanding on April 30.


9. Ha Sungwoon

Sungwoon earned the coveted #11 position and became the last member of Wanna One. Wanna One is currently promoting their latest mini-album with title track “Boomerang”!


Banana Entertainment

10. Yoon Yongbin


This “almost EXO member” also participated in JTBC’s Mix Nine and was eliminated on the 10th episode at 51st place.


Blessing Entertainment


11. Yu Jinwoon

This cutie debuted in November 2017 as part of duo Unlock with lablemate and fellow Produce 101 trainee Im Woohyeok.

12. Im Woohyeok

Woohyeok debuted as the other half of Unlock, and keeps in touch with fans through posts and live broadcasts on his official Instagram.

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Brand New Music


13. Kim Donghyun

Donghyun signed an exclusive contract with Brand New Music and debuted in the project unit MXM with fellow Produce 101 contestant Im Youngmin. They’ve released two mini-albums so far!


14. Park Woojin

Woojin’s final ranking was 6th place and is the charismatic and cute rapper of Wanna One.

He recently made his first variety show guest appearance on Radio Star.


15. Lee Daehwi

Daehwi also successfully debuted as a member of Wanna One, grabbing the 3rd place spot.

He also took on the position of special MC at Music Bank recently!


16. Im Youngmin

The other half of MXM is also part of newly debuted project group YDPP with Donghyun and fellow Produce 101 contestants Jeong Sewoon and Lee Gwanghyun.


Brave Entertainment

17. Kim Samuel


Samuel debuted as a soloist last summer, and just released his second mini album “ONE” with the title track featuring BTOB’s Jung Illhoon.


C2K Entertainment

18. Kim Seongri


With his sweet voice, he participated in drama OSTs before debuting as leader and main vocal of RAINZ.


C9 Entertainment

19. Bae Jinyoung


This member of Wanna One’s maknae line, finished off Produce 101 Season 2 at #10.

He’s been wow-ing fans and non-fans alike with how much he has matured!


Choon Entertainment


20. Kim Shihyun

Shihyun left the show the day before they filmed “It’s Me (Pick Me)” on M!Countdown due to health concerns.

However, he has recovered well and debuted with Yongguk in a uni called Longguo&Shihyun.


21. Kim Yongguk

Yongguk or Jin Longguo, promoted with Shihyun before beginning his JBJ promotions in September 2017.


Cre.ker Entertainment

22. Joo Haknyeon

Haknyeon debuted as a member of THE BOYZ in December 2017.

They just made their first comeback with their new title song “Giddy Up”!


CS Entertainment

23. Cho JinHyung


Jinhyung also auditioned for MIXNINE but did not make it past the first round.


Although there are no news of his official debut yet, he has been keeping in touch with fans via his Instagram and Weibo!


Cube Entertainment


24. Lai Guanlin

The baby chick trainee’s final ranking was 7th place and he successfully debuted as the swaggy rapper of Wanna One!

He will be heading back to his home country of Taiwan on August 25 and 26 for Wanna One’s world tour.


25. Yoo Seonho

Seonho has kept busy with acting, variety show appearances, and studying at Hanlim Multi Arts School! He will be debuting as a solo artist on April 11.



26. Lee Junwoo


Junwoo graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School and still trains at FENT. He keeps fans updated on FENT’s official social media.



27. Ong Seongwoo


The first celebrity from the Ong family and member of Wanna One, has been super busy with all his variety show appearances!


FNC Entertainment

28. Yoo Hoeseung

Yoo Hoeseung debuted as a vocalist for N.Flying in August 2017, and will be featured on the first FNC Lab track with F.T. Island’s Hongki.

The song “Still Love You” will be released on April 8!


Gini Stars Entertainment


29. Kim Dohyun

Dohyun debuted under the stage name “Dokka” with the other two Gini Stars Entertainment trainees in August 2017.

30. Park Heeseok

Heeseok debuted as “K.Bean” in the first ever Russian-Korean idol group Baikal.

You can see covers that he’s done on Baikal’s official YouTube.


31. Wang Minhyeok

Minhyeok debuted under the stage name “Day” with Baikal. Their first title song is called “Hiccup”.


GNI Entertainment

32. Jeong Sihyun


Sihyun continues to walk the path of an actor, as he appeared in EXO Next Door and April‘s “Spring Story” music video before Produce 101 days. 

His most recent appearance was in Lee Harin‘s “A Strange Day” music video.


GON Entertainment (now CMH Entertainment) 

33. Hong Eunki


Eunki also debuted as a member of RAINZ and also opened a YouTube channel, where you can see his dance cover of “Open Up”.


Hanahreum Company

34. Kim Taemin


Taemin withdrew from the competition to treat his enterostenosis. However he is now recovered and will be making his big screen debut this summer with “Whisper”.

He also held a fanmeeting in July 2017.


HF Music Company (now Happyface Entertainment)


35. Park Woodam

Woodam has kept busy as an trainee, and keeps fans up to date with daily vlogs and selcas on the Happyface Next Boys project Instagram page.

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36. Woo Jinyoung

Jinyoung participated in MIXNINE and received first place amongst all the male contestants!


37. Jeong Woncheol

Woncheol is currently promoting in Japan with a group called You can stay in touch with him via their official Instagram!

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38. Jo Yonggeun

Yonggeun participated in MIXNINE as well, and made it to 25th place on Episode 13. You can also stay up to date with him on the HF Next Boys Instagram account.

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HIM Entertainment

39. Park Sungwoo


Following Produce 101 days he was casted in a lead role for two web dramas and participated in the OST for Strong Family 2017. 


Hunus Entertainment

40. Kim Sangkyun


Sanggyun is also promoting with JBJ! They will be releasing their deluxe album ‘New Moon’ on April 17.


I.One Entertainment (now LUK Factory)


41. Kim Yeonguk

Yeonguk has been performing in a busking group with fellow labelmates Yoo Hoyeon and Nam Yoonsung. They will be debuting as Noir on April 9.


42. Nam Yoonsung

Yoonsung unfortunately left the show early due to health concerns, however he will also be debuting on April 9 with Noir. You can follow their official Instagram below.


43. You Hoyeon

Hoyeon was famous for his dance covers even before Produce 101 days. He will be debuting with Noir as well, and you can listen to their mini-album “Twenty’s Noir” preview here.


44. Choi Heesoo

Heesoo has left the label and is currently not signed to a new company. However, he stays connected to fans via Instagram.

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45. Cho Gyumin


Following the end of his time on Produce 101 Season 2, he left his company.

On August 21, 2017 he began his mandatory military service. Gyumin keeps his fans updated while on breaks through Instagram.


IT Entertainment


46. Lee Seokyu

Seokyu has been a member of Pure BoyL since 2015, although they haven’t released any new music following the broadcast of Produce 101.

Seokyu uploads plenty of dance and singing practice videos on his Instagram as well.

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47. Han Minho

Minho also debuted with Pure Boy, under the stage name “EnL“. Although he doesn’t have an Instagram account, there are still videos of him practicing, floating around YouTube.


Jellyfish Entertainment


48. Yoon Heeseok


Heeseok left Jellyfish Entertainment in December 2017 in order to focus on his studies as an engineering student.

However, in February 2018 he signed a contract with ONO Entertainment — the same company as fellow Produce 101 contestants Jang Moonbok and Seong Hyeonwoo.

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49. Byun Hyunmin


This taekwondo wiz is also a member of RAINZ!

He also won a gold medal at the Taekwondo national team selection preliminary competition in July 2017.


Kiwi Media Group

50. Kim Dongbin


Dongbin walked the runway at the 2018 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. He has moved from Kiwi Media Group to Duble Kick Company.


Maroo Entertainment


51. Kwon Hyeop

After being eliminated from Produce 101, Hyeop decided to leave Maroo Entertainment. Follow him on Instagram to find out what is in store for him next!


52. Park Jihoon

This ‘wink boy’ finished at 2nd place and plays a huge role as visual in Wanna One.


53. Han Jongyeon

Jongyeon left the show early as rumors he severely bullied a classmate in elementary school were spread and later acknowledged by Maroo Entertainment.

He also participated in MIXNINE, got into the A Class, but was eliminated in Episode 7. Since then, he has left Maroo Entertainment.


Media Line

54. Lee Woojin


Little Woojin is still happily promoting with the band The East Light. Their latest release was a special digital single called “Valentine’s Day”.


MMO Entertainment


55. Kang Daniel

Despite the recent scandals, Daniel still remains the nation’s pick. He’s busy promoting with Wanna One and appearing on several variety shows.

Luckily It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets is back, giving him a chance to rest up.


56. Kim Jaehan

Jaehan has moved from MMO Entertainment to WYNN Entertainment, and will be debuting in May with the group Spectrum.


57. Yoon Jisung

Jisung took 8th place and debuted as the leader/mother of Wanna One. He recently showed off his directing skills in Wanna One Go! in Jeju.


58. Joo Jinwoo

Jinwoo held a fanmeeting in June 2017 with the other two MMO trainees that didn’t make it into Wanna One. He does a lot of Instagram lives so make sure to follow him there.

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59. Choi Taewoong

Taewoong has also been busy practicing as an MMO trainee, and it looks like he will start busking in April as well! He’s keeping fans updated on his busking schedule via Instagram.


Namoo Actors

60. Lee Yoojin

Following his time on Produce 101, he took on the role of Kwon Ho Chang in Age of Youth 2. He was also cast as the younger version of So Ji Sub in the movie Going to Meet You Now which was released in March 2018.


Narda Entertainment

61. Kim Taewoo


Kim Taewoo debuted as a member of Rion Five in 2014. They have yet to release new music following Taewoo’s appearance on Produce 101. 

He also featured in Chic Angel’s new song “Good Day” and participated in the music shows as well.


ONO Entertainment

62. Jang Moonbok


Jang Moonbok officially debuted with his title song “Red” featuring fellow Produce 101 trainee Yoon Heeseok and labelmate So Jihyeok.


Oui Entertainment


63. Kim Donghan

Donghan made his debut as the maknae of JBJ. He danced to Taemin‘s “Move” for his solo at JBJ‘s concert. Yum!


64. Jang Daehyun

Daehyun debuted in November 2017 as a rapper for RAINZ. He also revealed his self-composed song “Pierrot” at the RAINZ debut mini concert.


65. Jo Sungwook

Sungwook shot a commercial as soon as he finished up on Produce 101. He also held a fanmeeting in June 2017 with Donghan and Daehyun


Pan Entertainment

66. Lee Jihan


Although he finished 98th, essentially in last place, he hasn’t stopped dreaming of becoming a star. Jihan regularly updates fans on his acting, singing, and dance practice via Instagram.

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Pledis Entertainment


67. Kang Dongho

This manly man from Jeju Island debuted with NU’EST as Baekho in 2012 and continues to promote with NU’EST W today.


68. Kim Jonghyun

Although the leader of NU’EST didn’t join the final line-up of Wanna One, he is happily promoting as part of NU’EST W and has several variety show appearances under his belt.


69. Choi Minki

Minki debuted as Ren with NU’EST in 2012. He will be playing Yeo Hoon in the upcoming drama Four Sons alongside Park Hae JinAfter School‘s Nana, and Kwak Si Yang.


70. Hwang Minhyun

Minhyun finished in 9th place is part of the ‘hyung’ line in Wanna One. He recently showed off his sweet vocals on King of Masked Singer.


Rainbow Bridge World (RBW)


71. Son Dongmyeong

Dongmyeong participated in KBS’s The Unit with his band MAS. He went all the finale and finished in 16th place.


72. Yeo Hwanwoong

You can see him on RBW’s show I Will Debut with the other RBW trainees!

It can be found on RBW’s official YouTube channel.


73. Lee Gunmin

Gunmin also participated in MIXNINE, went to the finale, and finished in 19th place.


74. Lee Gunhee

Gunhee is also preparing for his debut in RBW‘s show RBW Trainees Real Life <I Will Debut>.


75. Choi Jaewoo

In June 2017, his contract with RBW ended. In July, he held a fanmeeting with fellow trainees Byun Hyunmin, Kim Taewoo, and Kim Chan.

At this times, there is no news of him signing onto a new company. However, he does upload dance covers on his YouTube channel.


S How Entertainment


76. Kim Namhyung

Namhyung debuted before Produce 101 under the stage name Addcorn with labelmate Dongsu. They came back with “Flex” in August 2017.


77. Jung Dongsu

Dongsu returned to promoting with AA under the stage name Arkay. The two of them went on a mall tour in the Philippines last summer.


Star Road Entertainment

78. Takeda Kenta


This Teen Top stan & only Japanese contestant on the show finished 24th and debuted as a member of JBJ.


Starship Entertainment


79. Lee Gwanghyun

Gwanghyun finally made his debut with YDPP, a project unit made with fellow Starship artist Jeong Sewoon and MXM.


80. Jeong Sewoon

He finished in 12th place, just missing the cut-off to become a Wanna One member, however he debuted as a soloist in August and came back with “Baby It’s U” In January.


STL Entertainment

81. Choi Junyoung


Junyoung is a rapper, going by the name Jooen. He released a cover of Black Nut‘s “Beenzino”, mentioning what he wished he had from each Produce 101 trainee.


The Jackie Chan Group Korea


82. Kim Chanyul

Chanyul is a member of JJCC, and promotes under the name Yul. He began his mandatory military service in December 2017, but before then they held a series of fanmeetings in North and South America.


83. Choi Hadon

Hadon is also a member of JJCC, and uses the stage name Sanchung. JJCC’s most recent activity was a Seoul fanmeeting in December 2017.


The Vibe Label (now Major 9)


84. Kim Taedong

This trainee was also meant to be a member of JBJ, however due to issues with his management Major 9 he was unable to debut with the other JBJ members.

He has updated fans saying he is still dreaming of being a singer, and JBJ still thinks of him as a member of the group.

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85. Seong Hyunwoo

Hyunwoo is now a member of ONO Entertainment with Jang Moonbok and Yoon Heeseok. He released a single with Jang Moonbok back in December 2017.


86. Yoon Jaechan

Jaechan recently graduated from Lila Arts High School, and appeared on an episode of Wanna One GO! with schoolmate and fellow Produce 101 contestant Bae Jinyoung. He is still listed as training with Major 9.


87. Ha Minho

After allegations that Ha Minho was trying to engage in sexual relations with fans via Instagram direct messages, Major 9 announced that he would be leaving the show and his contract with their company would be terminated.

According to his Instagram, he is still passionate about hip-hop and has released a track on his Soundcloud.

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Total Set

88. Yoo Kyungmok


Kyungmok debuted once in 2011 and has continued to work towards being an idol since then.

He is still with Total Set and has been hanging out with friends in the industry such as Winner’s Mino and other Produce 101 contestants.

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Wayz Company

89. Jeong Joongji


Joongji is currently with Entertainment Saenggak and has decided to walk the path of an actor and model.


WH Creative

90. Seo Sunghyuk


Sunghyuk also debuted as a member of RAINZ. In September 2017, he was casted in the web drama 3 AM Season 2.



91. Kim Yehyun


Yehyun didn’t renew his contact with WIDMAY Entertainment and wanted to focus on musicals.

Although he hasn’t re-signed with another company, it looks like he is releasing covers through “Project MEME”.


Wings Entertainment

92. Kim Yongjin


Yongjin debuted as a soloist in September 2017! 

He recently put out a track called “ALT+F4” with fellow Produce 101 contestant, Jung Dongsu aka Arkay of AA.




93. Kwon Hyunbin

Hyunbin is also busy promoting with JBJ. He signed a contract with YG Entertainment, as they will be managing his activities as a singer.

He recently walked the runway at 2018 F/W Seoul Fashion Week, and JBJ members came to cheer him on.


94. Kim Hyeonwoo

Hyeonwoo most recently modelled at the 2018 S/S Seoul Fashion Week for the Ordinary People show.


95. Lee Hoolim

Hoolim is now with Daydream Entertainment and is focusing on his career as musical actor and model. He entered the military in December 2017.

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96. Jeong Hyojun

Hyojun continues to model and act as a member of YGK+. He shares plenty of behind the scenes shots from his shoots, including his most recent project for Beanpole.

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Yuehua Entertainment


97. Ahn Hyungseob

Hyungseob has been busy with his web drama Drama Inspector and a unit group with fellow Yuehua trainee Lee Euiwoong. They will drop their first mini album on April 10!


98. Lee Euiwoong

Euiwoong has kept busy with attending Hanlim Multi Arts School, promoting as part of HyeongseobxEuiwoong, and still helping out at his parents’ stationary store.

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99. Justin

Justin participated with the other ‘Yuehua Sprouts’ on China’s Idol Producer and finished the show at 4th place, making it into the final group.


100. Choi Seunghyuk

Seunghyuk has also been busy training with the other Yuehua Sprouts! You can stay up to date with him through Yuehua’s Instagram.

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101. Jungjung (Zhu Zhengting)

Zhengting also participated in Idol Producer and finished the show at 6th place, making it into Nine Percent.