4 Unique K-Pop Choreographies That Prove ONEUS Are Dancing Kings

In light of ONEUS’s May comeback announcement, let’s look at how the boy group continues to dazzle viewers with their choreography.

After wrapping up their U.S tour in March, six-member boy group ONEUS is set to comeback in May with their seventh mini-album, ‘TRICKSTER’, and fans are excited to see what is in store for their upcoming performances. Especially when it comes to their choreography, the group is known to experiment with different styles, props, and formations to create something new. Here are four times where ONEUS dazzles viewers with their expansive dance repertoire.

1. Elegant fan movements in “LUNA”

The group’s 2022 synth-pop hit features fan dancing along with other historical Korean motifs. While fan dancing is an artistic facet of many Asian cultures, ONEUS takes influence from the Korean traditional art of Buchaechum.

ONEUS “LUNA’ Music Video | Derek Fong/Officially Kmusic

Buchaechum originates from Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392 CE-1897 CE) and has roots in Korean folk religion and royal court performance. Execution of wrist flicks, opening and closing the fans with grace or power, and intricate group formations are all used in order to portray subjects of nature.

Buchaechum fan dance performance | @pinterestkorea1/Pinterest

ONEUS’s use of Buchaechum in their choreography aligns with their depiction of the moon, night sky, and clouds throughout the song.

ONEUS “LUNA” Music Video


2. Michael Jackson inspired funky moves in “BLACK MIRROR”

From the black fedoras, disco instrumentals, and of course suave choreography, ONEUS pays homage to the ‘King of Pop’ in their 2021 release, “BLACK MIRROR”.

Michael Jackson’s signature one-leg kick and wide-stance hop make an appearance in the chorus, while the song’s outro features Locking style arm movements and a knee-drop for the final killing move. ONEUS partnered with famous Korean dance studio, 1MILLION for “BLACK MIRROR”, so it’s no surprise their moves look so groovy.

3. Dancing like knights with blindfolds, chains, and ropes in “COME BACK HOME”

Dancing in blindfolds may sound like a daunting task, but ONEUS pulls it off with ease in their performance of “COME BACK HOME” during Mnet’s Road to Kingdom competition in 2020. To make the choreography even more complex, the group also starts out the song with backup dancers holding pulling on an intricate network of chains, with member Leedo in the center.

Combined with rope pulling, members lifting each other off the stage, and rusty prop thrones and swords, the medieval knight theme of this performance is brought to life.

ONEUS Ravn in “COME BACK HOME’ performance | Mnet/Naver

4. Props, stunts, and a performance skit with a message in “Warrior’s Descendant” cover

In another one of ONEUS’s performances from Road to Kingdom, they cover first generation K-Pop group H.O.T’s “Warrior’s Descendant”, with a twist, in order to spread a message of healthy school bullying prevention.

ONEUS Leedo in “Warrior’s Descendant” cover for “Road to Kingdom” | Mnet/Naver

The group pounds, slams, and jumps off of school desks, shouts from megaphones, and even has a stunt fight scene where member Hwanwoong throws illusory slow-motion punches and kicks toward the bullies, who are represented by the backup dancers.

ONEUS Ravn in “Warrior’s Descendant” cover for “Road to Kingdom” | Mnet

Towards the end of the song, member Ravn sprays graffiti paint cans on a clear panel marked by phrases such as “what is justice” and “violence cannot be justified by violence”, juxtaposed with Hwanwoong falling to his knees in despair following his ‘fight’. With so many small details included, ONEUS really pulled out all the stops in this choreography.

Source: Koreanet Talk Talk Korea, ONEUS Official Youtube Channel and Mnet K-Pop YouTube Channel