Here Are 10 Times ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Delivered Perfection With Covers Of Girl Groups’ Choreography

From BLACKPINK to Sunmi, his talents are infinite! 🐯

When it comes to K-Pop, there is always a list of names that people mention when it comes to some of the best dancers. Yet, one massively underrated person who deserves more appreciation for his dancing is ONEUS‘s main dancer Hwanwoong.

Since debuting in January 2019, Hwanwoong has showcased his dancing talent in every way possible, whether on stage, when choreographing the group’s tracks, or on reality shows.

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong | @Official_ONEUS/ Twitter

In particular, along with the other members, Hwanwoong has always been praised for his ability to respectfully cover girl group choreography and slay at the same time. Here are ten times Hwanwoong has slayed girl group choreography!

1. BLACKPINK Jennie’s “SOLO”

When BLACKPINK’s Jennie released her track “SOLO,” it instantly became the choreography that everyone wanted to learn. With the message behind the words, it is a track that screams “Girl Power,” and Hwanwoong perfectly managed to capture the essence of the dance.

In particular, netizens also praised Hwanwoong for making sure he did the choreography justice without trying to make it any more “masculine.” From the crisp moves to his facial expressions, Hwanwoong proved that he is definitely one of the best dancers in K-Pop.

2. Chungha “Gotta Go”

Chungha’s classic track “Gotta Go” has some of the most iconic choreography in K-Pop and idols love to cover it. Hwanwoong is no different and has showcased his own version of the track several times. When alone, he commanded the camera and had all eyes on him…

And even with the other members, he ensures that the choreography is done perfectly with the right amount of emotion and passion the track needs. Whenever ToMoons hear the track, they immediately associate it with Hwanwoong, which isn’t surprising.

3. (G)I-DLE “Senorita”

On an episode of Weekly Idol, ONEUS and ATEEZ came together to showcase just how talented they are when it comes to covering dances. Hwanwoong excelled with covers of many iconic tracks, but his duet with Leedo to “Senorita” rightly received praise.

During the episode, Leedo and Hwanwoong perfectly combined technique and sexiness to showcase just how talented they are. It isn’t surprising that the duo is known as the two main dancers because they continue to impress.

4. Sunmi “Siren”

Like Chungha’s track, Sunmi’s “Siren” is a song that ONEUS and Hwanwoong have danced to on several occasions. Alone, Hwanwoong creates this unrivaled aura that oozes charisma and talent in a song that is an instant classic.

Yet, when he’s with his members, he thrives even more, not only standing out with his talent but also perfectly complimenting his group. Alone, he is a force to be reckoned with, but ONEUS are unstoppable as a group.

5. Aespa “Black Mamba”

YouTube channel 1theK rightly loves having ONEUS on their channel, and last year, Hwanwoong took part in a series of videos showcasing his diversity as a dancer. In particular, alongside a cover of NCT‘s “Kick It,” Hwanwoong slayed his own rendition of aespa’s “Black Mamba.”

| 1theK/ YouTube 

With his bright pink hair and fierce expressions, Hwanwoong perfectly balanced feminity and masculinity by putting his own personality into each move. It is no doubt a video ToMoons have on replay!

| 1theK/ YouTube 


When Mnet started allowing K-Pop groups to cover other idols during their show, it seemed like it was made for ONEUS. During one of the episodes, it was a chance to cover BLACKPINK’s epic track “PLAYING WITH FIRE,” and ONEUS unsurprisingly made it look effortless.

Throughout, the members made sure to add their own personalities but make sure they stayed true to the original choreography. There were no attempts to be “masculine” or more powerful and just showed how professional the group was.

7. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa “Maria”

As RBW‘s seniors, there is no doubt that all the artists are true fans when it comes to MAMAMOO. Yet, since debuting, ONEUS has gained a lot of love for their covers of tracks such as “Starry Night” and “Yes I am.” It was no different when Hwanwoong joined the “Maria” challenge when member Hwasa released her solo track.

In the video, Hwanwoong showcases why he is a true stage genius as his dancing ability is matched by his ability to tell a story through his facial expressions. Other members of ONEUS and ONEWE also did the challenge and showcased just why the company is home to true all-rounders.

8. Sunmi “LALALAY”

Sometimes, male idols are afraid to showcase their love for girl group choreography away from the realms of reality shows. Yet, Hwanwoong has proved just how iconic he is doing it whenever possible. Hwanwoong has covered Sunmi’s “LALALAY” several times, but he really showcased his talent for his by_Woong on the group’s channel.

| ONEUS/ YouTube  

Throughout the video, Hwanwoong had this air of confidence that could never be described as cocky. It was more Hwanwoong being comfortable in his skin and doing what he loves every day. This attitude resonates on the screen and makes him magnificent to watch.

| ONEUS/ YouTube 

9. Somi “DUMB DUMB”

At the end of 2021, Hwanwoong and Xion joined fellow 4th generation K-Pop idols in a 1theK dance relay. Although all the stars stood out, Hwanwoong gained attention in the comments for his energy and skills when it came to the girl group routines. In particular, while dancing to Somi’s “DUMB DUMB,” he managed to capture everyone’s attention.

| 1theK/ YouTube  

The song has such powerful and catchy choreography, but Hwanwoong did it with ease, almost as if he had been dancing it his whole life. As usual, he also added his own twist, making sure he did it justice.

| 1theK/ YouTube 

10. Apink “No No No”

It seems like the creation of Idol Radio was perfect for ONEUS as they were able to shine and their K-Pop medley had some amazing moments. One was when Hwanwoong, Keonhee, and Ravn covered “No No No” by Apink.

As expected, the trio absolutely made it their own, working perfectly as individuals but also as a team. There was something addictive about the performance, which meant that ToMoons couldn’t stop praising the performance and hitting the replay button.