Here’s How ONEUS Music Videos Have Evolved Since Their Debut

Is there a concept they can’t do?

Since their debut in January 2019, Rainbow Bridge World‘s (RBW) group ONEUS has stolen the hearts of their fans (ToMoons) with their stylish, catchy, and versatile concepts.

The band released their first full-length album Devil last month. They also recently finished their comeback promotions for their song “No Diggity” which was another new and exciting concept for the boys.

Here is a look at the evolution of ONEUS’s music videos since their debut.

1. Valkyrie (January 2019)

Unlike many rookie groups, ONEUS’s first song “Valkyrie” broke into K-Pop with a very bold debut concept. Rather than the usual cute and bubbly video, it showcased a dark side to the group emphasizing the light and darkness within a person.

Each member was given a spotlight and look into their personalities throughout the video. It was the first chance for fans to witness this new band and see what they were capable of. It was an impactful debut and set the tone for what ONEUS wanted to be: all-rounders.

2. Twilight (May 2019)

Even with a much lighter scene, “Twilight” continued this mysterious image of ONEUS. The lyrics of the song compare a breakup with a lover to the sun setting. It once again toys with the idea of darkness and light following on from “Valkyrie.”

The music video was filmed in Italy and, alongside the outfits and choreography, added a more regal feeling to the song and the members. It was a sophisticated and subtle comeback that translated both in the video and on stage.

3. Lit (October 2019)

After portraying dark and regal-esque characters, ONEUS returned in October 2019 with the song “Lit.” Compared to their first two songs, this one had a much higher tempo. The video itself also had a more traditional Korean feel to it.

Despite the faultless vocals, it was the choreography that shone in this song. With complicated tempo changes, the members stayed energized throughout to provide a colorful performance worthy of a festival.

4. A Song Written Easily (March 2020)

Since debuting, ONEUS has prided themselves on powerful and dynamic songs. The release of “A Song Written Easily” in March 2020 changed that. Although the song had a similar message to “Valkyrie” and “Twilight,” the boys came back with a more nostalgic feel.

Set in the suburbs of New Zealand, the natural colors and ethereal setting created a softer story of love and despair. It focuses on the memories lost when a relationship comes to an end but portraying the boys in more vulnerable and emotional ways.

5. Comeback Home (June 2020)

During the summer, ONEUS participated in MNet’s Road to Kingdom show battling against other male idol groups for a place in the Kingdom competition. Making it to the final, “Comeback Home” was released in conjunction with this and started a thrilling saga of six monarchs.

In this video, the boys really showcased their talent as actors creating a music video that resembled a horror movie. It was the first time fans saw that all the members are triple threats with outstanding singing, dancing and acting abilities.

6. TO BE OR NOT TO BE (August 2020)

Following on from “Comeback Home,” the boys released their mini-album LIVED with the title track “TO BE OR NOT TO BE.” Continuing with the same concept of the monarchs, fans were once again treated to a dark concept surrounding sacrifice.

This time, there was a much sexier feeling to the video. Each member showcased their charms whether it was Xion in a garden of flowers, Ravn on a throne or Leedo in a bathtub of blood. Even as the song came to an end, the suspense was high and left fans on a cliff-hanger.

7. Bbusyeo (December 2020)

After a series of dark concepts throughout Road to Kingdom, the boys returned in December with their digital single “Bussyeo.” This single once again showed another layer to the boys.

Compared to their other releases, this was much more light-hearted taking bright colors and fun concepts. With the title “Bbusyeo” which means to “break it,” the song used it as a metaphor for having a crush on someone. Although it has a deeper meaning, the video was cute and showed the boys having fun as they caused some chaos.

8. No Diggity (January 2021)

Their latest release “No Diggity” dialed up that chaos to portray a naughtier and cheeky side to the boys. Not only did the release gain four million views in 24 hours, but it continued the LIVED saga with a video showcasing an unchained frenzy in the fight for love.

It was their most ambitious video to date with huge production and focus on the small details from the visuals, acting and even the smallest facial feature. With the vibes of the Joker and Suicide Squad, fans were delighted to see more diversity from a group who have only just graduated from rookie status.

Only two years into their career, ONEUS have achieved a lot. However, with so much more to prove, they will no doubt show even more versatility with each comeback!