5 Ongoing Dramas That Aren’t Doing Too Well In Terms Of Ratings Despite Starring Top Actresses

Are you tuning in to any of them?

2021 was a big year for K-Drama, especially the later half of the year. This was due to the bevy of new K-Dramas that were set to air then, starring headliner top tier actresses. From names such as Song Hye Kyo to Jeon Ji Hyun, even Lee Young Ae, the lineup for winter 2021 was hard to beat. However, it seems that they have not been performing up to expectations, with surprisingly low ratings. Are top names in the cast just not working anymore as a way to guarantee popularity? In no particular order, here are 5 ongoing dramas that aren’t doing well despite its stellar leads.

For a benchmark, World of the Married hit 28.3% in ratings on average, Hospital Playlist at 14.1% and It’s Okay Not to Be Okay at 7.3%.

1. “Melancholia”

Starring Lee Do Hyun and Im Su Jeong, the show was slated to do well with its two leads. Lee Do Hyun is a rising young talent that made his name in various shows such as Sweet Home and 18 Again. On the other hand, Im Su Jeong has build up her reputation for being a stellar actor over the years. Despite this, the teacher-student theme was not well-received.

The show started off with 3.6% ratings and dropped to 1.6% ratings by the 4th episode.

2. “Now, We Are Breaking Up”

The show isn’t doing that badly at 7.9% for the 4th episode, it simply is falling short of expectations, according to Korean viewers. Song Hye Kyo plays a sharp and quick-witted fashion brand head designer. She meets a famous photographer as played by Jang Ki Yong. They are both drawn to each other but a blip in her past prevents them from being together.

Viewers have criticized it as a reprise of one of Song Hye Kyo’s usual characters.

3. “Jirisan”

Jirisan isn’t actually doing too bad overall. It’s 9th episode is at 7.8%! However, compared to the amount of star power its lead Jeon Ji Hyun has, the hype is just not there. Jeon Ji Hyun plays a park ranger at the Jiri Mountains Range and works to save all sorts of people that visit the park.

4. “Inspector Koo”

Inspector Koo is only at 1.8% by its 7th episode. The show stars Lee Young Ae as a 40 year old woman who works as a private detective and insurance agent. She tries to catch a serial killer who seems to be just a female student. The 1.8% is disappointing considering that Lee Young Ae is one of South Korea’s most revered actresses. She even hit ratings of 58% back in the day with Dae Jang Geum.

5. “Reflection Of You”

At 2.8% ratings with its 12th episode, the show fell short of expectations. It was Ko Hyun Jung‘s first come back in 2 years. To many, she’s a celebrated beauty and actress. Shin Hyun Bin also took the role in Reflection Of You after her spotlight with Hospital Playlist as doctor Gyeoul. It seems that the ratings do not live up to the stellar cast.

Go Hyun Jung plays a woman that used to be poor and struggling. She is now a successful painter and essayist with a husband set to inherit a hospital. She meets a young woman that reminds her of her young self.

No matter what the ratings say, we’re sure all of these dramas are still valued gems! Are you tuning in to any of them at the moment?

Source: theqoo