Here Is The Order That BTS Members Joined The Group, And How They Joined Will Make You Believe In Fate

The 6th member to join never even planned on it…

With BTS‘s growing success become greater popularity, with new fans constantly joining the ARMY to support the boys. Some new ARMYs, and maybe even some older ones, might not know the order that BTS joined BigHit Entertainment, or even why they ended up joining. But wonder no longer! Here’s the order that BTS’s members joined the company, and their reasons for joining BigHit Entertainment in the first place. Hopefully some of their stories will inspire you!

First: RM

RM became a trainee for BigHit Entertainment first, all the way back in 2010 when he was 16. He was encouraged because of a fellow rapper he’d met, Sleepy, who told him he should audition for the company due to his skills. After auditioning, BigHit Entertainment’s CEO, Bang Si-hyuk, offered him a position, and a producer at the company (Pdogg) started a hip hop group with RM that would later become BTS.

Second: Suga

Suga first joined BigHit Entertainment after he auditioned for Hit It, a rap competition held by the company, and came in second place which earned him enough respect and trust to make him a producer as well as a trainee. He became a member of BTS’s trainee lineup when he was 17 in 2010, and has been very vocal about how Bang Si-hyuk “tricked” him into joining by telling him all he would need to do was rap with very little dancing involved!

Third: J-Hope

The third member to join the company did so after a failed audition for JYP Entertainment (their loss!). He was accepted afterwards to join BigHit Entertainment and moved to Seoul when he was only 15, also in 2010. There’s a reason that BTS’s rap line was the first to join the company — BTS was originally supposed to be a purely hip-hop group, but was later changed to include vocalists so that it could be a more “traditional” K-Pop group for fans to look up to.

Fourth: Jin

Jin, the fourth member to join, originally wanted to be an actor. He was actually scouted by a BigHit Entertainment employee while getting off of a bus, who asked him to audition for the company and was successfully accepted as a trainee when he was 18, in 2010.

Fifth: Jungkook

Jungkook caught BigHit Entertainment’s attention after he auditioned for the show Superstar K, when he was only 13 in 2011. Even though he didn’t win the show, he caught the attention of 7 different entertainment companies, and accepted the offer from BigHit Entertainment after watching RM perform and seeing him as great leader material.

Sixth: V

V originally came to an audition for BigHit Entertainment not for himself, but to support a friend that was auditioning. Though he was only 15 at the time, in 2011, an executive at the company apparently saw some kind of potential in him, and encouraged him to audition as well. He successfully passed through that round of auditions and later became the only auditionee from Daegu to make it into the company and, later, BTS.

Seventh: Jimin

Much-loved Jimin was actually the last member to join BTS. He was originally trained as a dancer long before he auditioned for the company, so when he did finally audition in 2012 at the age of 16, he was quickly accepted and had the shortest period of time training before the group debuted.