Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS In Their Weverse Magazine Interviews

Prices range from $26 to $1,818 USD!

BTS recently did individual interviews for Weverse Magazine. It, of course, included new solo photoshoots for the members as well as group photos as they prepare to release a physical photobook.

BTS | Weverse Magazine

Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in Weverse Magazine

1. RM

For BTS’s group photoshoot, leader RM wore a paint-splatter design striped button-up shirt from Lanvin Paris for $789 USD. He accessorized by keeping it classy and casual with a Louis Vuitton pendant chain necklace and Nike‘s “Jordan 1 Mid Sisterhood” for $580 and $125 USD, respectively.

BTS’s RM | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Lanvin Paris & Louis Vuitton & Nike & Weverse Magazine

RM killed it with his accessory game in his solo photoshoot too! He complimented his black jumpsuit with Kujaan’s “Razor Blade Necklace” for $165 USD. His link bracelet is from Tiffany & Co. and costs $725 USD. His ring might be within our budget as it costs just $39 USD from Hanna. Lastly, his black slides are from TIME homme and cost $117.66 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Hanna & Kujaan & TIME home & Tiffany & Co. & Weverse Magazine

2. Jin

Jin kept it cool and casual for his solo photoshoot as he wore a puff-logo T-Shirt from Alexander Wang for $220 USD. His paisley shoes are Chuck Taylor All Star Converse and cost $100 USD.

BTS’s Jin | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Alexander Wang & Converse & Weverse Magazine

In the group photoshoot, Jin his vibe going with a white lace button-up from Eponym for $137 USD. He finished the look off with canvas sneakers from Lee for $74 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Eponym & Lee & Weverse Magazine

3. Suga

Suga was the king in his photoshoot as he wore not just a crown but also a varsity jacket from Supreme x MLB x New Era for $328 USD. He added to the sporty look with jersey shorts from Casablanca for $341 USD. His sandals are the “OG-195-EU Slip-on Sandals” from Suicoie and cost $218 USD.

BTS’s Suga | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Supreme & MLB & New Era & Casablanca & Suicoie & Weverse Magazine

Aside from his crown, he accessorized with the “EPOXY COMPASS” necklace from Nonenon for $26 USD and “RB CORE SOCKS” from Rowing Blazers for $28 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Nonenon & Rowing Blazers & Weverse Magazine

Suga wore a simple yet stylish striped logo T-Shirt from Saint Laurent in BTS’s group photoshoot. It costs $490 USD. His shoes, however, are Vans “Rowan” and cost just $70 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Saint Laurent & Vans & Weverse Magazine

4. J-Hope

J-Hope put a smile on our faces with his “Smiley Knitted Jumper” from Joshua Sanders for $230 USD. He also wore boxing-style drawstring shorts that are AMIRI and cost $912 USD! His shoes are the “Jordan 1 Retro AJKO Chicago” from Nike for $140 USD.

BTS’s J-Hope | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Joshua Sanders & AMIRI & Double Lovers & Nike

He truly proved himself to be the master of accessorizing as he wore the “EPOXY DICE NECKLACE” from Nonenon and the “N-603B SMILE NECKLACE” from North Works for $29 and $180 USD, respectively. His daisy ring is from Kujaan and costs $135 USD. Finally, his polar bear ring is from Human Made, and his sunglasses are from Double Lovers. They cost $28 and $159 USD, respectively.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Nonenon & North Works & Human Made & Kujaan

J-Hope opted for a more simple vibe for the group photoshoot as he wore a white T-Shirt from Jacquemus for $175 USD. Nonetheless, he still brought his accessory game as he wore the “Ying Yang” necklace from GAVIRIA and the “Peal Me Cali Fever Bracelet” from AVECTHING for $178 and $159 USD, respectively. Lastly, he completed the look with Nike’s “Jordan 1 Retro High CO Japan” for $170 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Jacquemus & GAVIRIA & AVECTHING & Nike

5. Jimin

Jimin bared his arms in the “Peter De Potter Edition ‘Kollaps’ Tank Top” from Raf Simons for $275 USD. His Prada boots cost $1,420 USD! His other accessories include Saint Laurent’s “Knot and Bar-Chain Necklace” and Kujaan’s “Mirror Necklace” for $587 and $155 USD, respectively.

BTS’s Jimin | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Raf Simons & Saint Laurent & Kujaan & Prada

He stole our hearts in the group photoshoot with his “Lover” graphic T-Shirt from Bianca Chandon for $75 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Bianca Chandon

6. V

V went for a classic look with his striped jacket from Eponym, which cost $260 USD. His green derby shoes are Prada and cost over $1,000 USD!

BTS’s V | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Eponym & Prada

His shoes for the group photoshoot, however, are Martine Rose and cost about half that amount.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Martine Rose

7. Jungkook

Maknae Jungkook went for all-denim for the group photoshoot. He wore a western-style button-up from Saint Laurent that looks perfect for “Permission to Dance.” It costs $690 USD. He paired the shirt with logo-print straight jeans from Vetements for $1,818 USD. His leather boots are from Prada and therefore cost $1,120 USD

BTS’s Jungkook | @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Saint Laurent & Vetements & Prada

He went sporty in an oversized jersey from Martine Rose for his solo shoot. His sandals are the “Eyelet-embellished Leather Sandals” from Toga Virilis for $530 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & Weverse Magazine & Martine Rose & Toga Virilis
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