These Artworks Describe BTS Jimin’s Journey Of Self-Love and Happiness

Jimin’s happiness and self-love are beautiful to see.

In a recent collaboration with Google, BTS X Street Galleries the members of BTS each shared a location and artworks that have significant value to them. BTS Jimin‘s selected artworks truly give a glimpse into his mind and life and help describe his journey of self-love.

BTS’s Jimin

Here are the artworks Jimin selected:

1. Mechanical box-shaped greeting card: dancing and bucholic scene, Cupid brings bouquets (Anonymous)

With this work of art, Jimin reflects on his happiness and self-love and believes “that it is time to tell ourselves that as well.

I have been more and more attentive to how I feel and what I want, and I finally feel like I’m allowed to be happy.

— Jimin

| The Metropolitan Museum of Art

2. A Dancing Boy (Kim Hong Do)

This painting depicts a young boy dancing joyfully. Jimin states that he was trained in both modern dance and classical ballet and that “it’s something that I can truly immerse” himself in. Dancing for Jimin means liberation!

| Korea Data Agency

3. The Sprinter (Charles Albert Lopez)

Running is a newer hobby of Jimin’s and he says it has a similar feeling to when he is dancing and helps him “clear his mind.”

| The Metropolitan Museum of Art

4.   Terracotta Panathenaic Prize Amophora (Kittos Group)

Another piece involving running, Jimin says that the sound of the wind passing his ears “silences all my inner thoughts.

| The Metropolitan Museum of Art

5. Celestial Dancer (Devata)

For Jimin, this sculpture represents the worldwide nature of dance. Dancing can be used as a common language across different cultures as a method of self-expression.

| The Metropolitan Museum of Art

6. Korean Fan (Unknown)

This fan recalled memories of the time Jimin was able to perform the Buchaechum, the traditional Korean fan dance. According to Jimin, he was able to combine two of his favorite things: dancing and sharing his cultural heritage with the world.

| National Folk Museum of Korea

7. Textile Design with Horizontal Undulating Strips of Pearls with Alternating Offsetting Bundles of Pearls and Heart Shapes over a Background of Alternating Overlapping Scales (Anonymous, Alsatian)

The hearts in this piece represent Jimin being able to finally listen to his heart. He is always one to show love to ARMY and share what he knows about loving yourself, so it is nice to know he is taking the same time and consideration for his own happiness as well!

| The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Source: Google Arts & Culture