Park Min Young Takes A Look Back At Her Acting Roles And Reveals Which One She Relates To The Most

Park Min Young had to suffer quite a bit due to role 4.

Park Min Young has been an actress for over a decade and has been involved in many famous acting projects.

During an interview with The Swoon, she took a look back at some of her acting roles and shared the first word that came to mind for each one. 

1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

The first word that comes to mind when Park Min Young thinks of Sungkyunkwan Scandal is heat.

This is because it was extremely hot during the filming of the show.

2. City Hunter

When it comes to City Hunter, Park Min Young thinks of judo, as she had to learn Judo for her role.

3. Glory Jane 

For this K-Drama, Park Min Young thinks of her short bob hairstyle, as this was the first role that required her to have short hair.

4. Dr. Jin


Park Min Young remembers there being a lot of bugs during the filming of Dr. Jin.

One of the reasons is because it was a medical drama, and a lot of scenes needed fake blood. This fake blood had a lot of sugar in it, so it ended up attracting a lot of flies.

5. A New Leaf

Park Min Young thinks of the word courtroom for this K-Drama, as it was her first courtroom K-Drama.

6. Healer

Park Min Young thinks of cold weather when it comes to Healer.

7. Remember

The word she thinks of for this K-Drama is director since Park Min Young loved the director for Remember.

She also remembers the cast members getting extremely close to each other due to the constant filming schedules.

8. Queen for Seven Days 

Park Min Young thinks of the word tears for this K-Drama, as her character was crying nearly every second of the show.

She also revealed that all the crying took a physical and mental toll on her.

9. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

For this K-Drama, Park Min Young thinks of her office look.

When Park Min Young was asked about which character is her favorite, she reveals that it’s her character from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, as she feels that it’s the closest to her actual self.

Park Min Young also feels that her character from Her Private Life is similar to herself.

When asked why she relates to these characters, she gave a hilarious answer.

In that she’s a bit crazy.

— Park Min Young

The interview concludes with Park Min Young sharing that she would like to play a sociopath in the future.

Here’s the full video below!