From Supporting Roles To Lead Actor, Here’s The Acting History Of Park Seo Jun

Slowly but surely.

Actor Park Seo Jun debuted at just 20 years old in 2011 under Key East Entertainment and started his career as an actor. He made his drama debut with Dream High 2 as a supporting role.

He then appeared in a 2012 family sitcom called Shut Up Family and started to get his name known to the public. It was during this show that he met his now best friend and fellow member of the Wooga squad, Choi Woo Sik.

In 2013, he played a role in the drama Pot of Gold and gained many fans for his character.

He then gained much attention in the drama One Warm Word as the younger brother of the main character. It was this same year that he was chosen as the host of the SBS awards ceremony and also won the Rookie Actor award.

Although a cable drama, he landed his first lead character role in A Witch’s Love.

In 2015, he was a sub-cast for a main broadcast company drama Kill Me, Heal Me.

He then finally landed his first lead role in a main channel drama called She Was Pretty.

After filming the drama Hwarang, he filmed Fight For My Way in 2017 and gained much attention once again.

In 2017, he filmed his first movie as the lead role called Midnight Runners.

He also appeared on a reality show Youn’s Kitchen 2 and showed a different side of him to fans.

The tvN drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim was also a huge success.

He then filmed a movie in the summer of 2019 called The Divine Fury that didn’t do so well. He came back winning in early 2020 with his lead role in the drama Itaewon Class.

Fans are now currently waiting for the upcoming release of the film titled Dream that will also feature IU.

Park Seo Jun has come a long way in his acting career and has slowly but surely made it to where he is now. It is because of his genuine passion and love for acting that has truly captured fans’ hearts.