5 Past Interactions Between 2PM’s Junho And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA That Will Hype You Up For Their K-Drama “King The Land”

#3 goes way back 👀

2nd Generation K-Pop idols 2PM’s Junho and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA are starring in a rom-com K-Drama together, and there’s no cuter pairing than them!

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (left) and 2PM’s Junho (right)

Called King The Land, the teaser was just released, giving fans a glimpse at the two idol-actors’ chemistry. It’s a promising story that looks like it will be a hit.

While waiting, here are 5 past interactions between Junho and YoonA that will hype you up for its release!

1. Dance Practice

In a behind the scenes dance practice, YoonA taught Junho the choreography to the girl group’s hit song, “Lion Heart.” She patiently showed him the sequence while he listened attentively and tried his best to follow the movements.

2. Special Stage

Of course, there’s this special stage where they covered the song “Señorita.” Sweet and sensual, they instantly captivated the attention of viewers.

3. Promotional Video

This one goes way back! Girls Generation and 2PM once filmed a commercial for Caribbean Bay with a song called “Cabi Song.” Because of how rare it is for boy and girl groups to film CFs together, this one has already received legendary status among fans.

4. Hosting Together

Standing side by side as hosts at an event, the two good looking actors clearly look incredible together!

5. “Love Never Felt So Good”

Last but not the least, it hasn’t been long since they collaborated on stage once again, this time performing the song “Love Never Felt So Good.” In contrast to “Señorita,” they opted for a cute and lighthearted concept. They suit both styles well!

With their prior interactions and long-standing friendship, YoonA and Junho will be sure to have chemistry like no other! King The Land is undoubtedly going to capture the hearts of many people.

Meanwhile, watch the K-Drama’s trailer below.