Past Woollim Entertainment Employees Uncover What It’s Like Working For The Agency

“It only looks great from the outside…”

On JobPlanet, the Korean equivalent of Indeed — an online platform where current and previous employees can rate and review employers, the most personal recollections of working at K-Pop agencies are uncovered on the daily.

As for the management agency Woollim Entertainment, where groups like INFINITE and Lovelyz call home, it is no different.

“Woollim Entertainment Inc., (Media / Design)”

Rated a whole 1.8 stars out of 5 on the site, here are the most savage reviews left behind by past Woollim Entertainment employees.

1. “Wish I could give no stars” (June 2020)

“I wish I could give no stars, but I have to give at least one. So here’s one. They have a lot of employees, but with no structure.”

This past employee shared, “While employees are excused to arrive at work late and allowed to take lunch whenever, that is about the only two good things about being a part of Woollim Entertainment.” The cons included, “Everything else.” According to this review, “the team manager doesn’t know how to delegate work” and “the executives go around screaming and cursing.” The review also revealed, “Employees have to do the bow when they see the CEO.” Finally, this past employee warned, “The agency constantly criticizes the artists’ appearances and physiques.”

2. “On a downhill” (June 2020)

“They say they’re an agency, but they’re on a downhill.”

This past employee shared, “The food is good and the pay is never late” — but that isn’t nearly good enough to keep employees around. According to this review, Woollim Entertainment is “Too stuck in their old ways to call themselves an entertainment company.” Hence, the employee revealed, “The smart and hard-working recruits end up leaving because they are ultimately forced to follow these old-fashioned executive level orders.” The employee added, “Plus, there are too many artists and too much work to be done, but simply not enough good employees.”

3. “The most conservative group, ever” (May 2020)

“This is the most conservative and stubborn agency trying to survive in the trendiest industry ever.”

This past employee shared, “Surviving this company will prepare anyone for anything, ever.” That being said, the review claimed that “Woollim Entertainment pretty much enslaves their employees.” The employee said, “The company politics leaves the teams divided and so impossible to work together.” According to this review, “This agency may be well known — but from the inside, everything is falling apart.”

4. “It only looks great from the outside” (February 2020)

“If the executives like you, you can stay. If not, you can’t expect to work here for long. It only looks great from the outside.”

This past employee shared, “While most employees get along well,” that’s about it for the pros of working at Woollim Entertainment. According to this review, “There is a sense of favoritism going on.” The employee warned, “The agency should at least try to grasp why it can’t seem to hang on to the competent employees longer.”

5. “No room for growth” (February 2020)

“Woollim Entertainment is only degenerating even more in the 21st century. There is no room for growth.”

This past employee left behind a brief, but specific review claiming that “Employees and their respective areas of expertise are not respected.” Hence, according to the review, “Working at Woollim Entertainment is like working under a dictatorship of the executives.” The employee concluded, “If the agency doesn’t start listening to the employees there to do their work, then the agency doesn’t have any room left to grow in the industry.”

Source: THEQOO and @ohyeah46