4 Artist Collabs In 2022 Which Prove That Pengsoo Is Still K-Pop’s Favorite Penguin

Ever since their debut in 2019, Pengsoo is still making waves in the world of K-Pop.

Over the years, superstar character penguin Pengsoo has become an honorary member of many K-Pop groups and performed alongside a variety of famous artists.

Pengsoo | @giantpengsoo/Instagram

They’ve danced with BTS

…made an adorable skit with TWICE


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…filmed a trending TikTok challenge with NCT 127, as well as collaborated with many more artists!


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In 2022, Pengsoo’s celebrity adventures are still going strong.

Here are four artists who Pengsoo has collaborated with this year.


On January 17, Pengsoo uploaded an Instagram picture alongside four of the ENHYPEN members, Sunoo, Jungwon, Sunghoon, and Niki.

Sunoo (far left), Jungwon (left), Pengsoo (center), Sunghoon (right), and Niki (far right) | @giantpengsoo/Instagram

Not only did Pengsoo introduce themselves as if they were in the group, but they also added the caption “ENHYPEN.G”, adding an extra G to solidify their place as a member.

Caption on Pengsoo’s post with ENHYPEN | @giantpengsoo/Instagram

Sunoo, Jungwon, Sunghoon, and Niki then gave Pengsoo a tour of the HYBE company building for a YouTube video…

Pengsoo tours the HYBE company building with ENHYPEN | 자이언트 펭TV/YouTube 

…and even taught them some of their “Blessed-Cursed” choreography.

Pengsoo shared lots of laughs with ENHYPEN during their time together.

ENHYPEN members laugh beside Pengsoo | @giantpengsoo/Instagram

2. Jukjae

On March 14, Pengsoo graced the camera with their vocal skills along with solo artist Jukjae.

Pengsoo (left) and Jukjae (right) | 자이언트 펭TV/YouTube

The two sang an original tune titled “봄, 가짜 봄” (Spring, fake spring), for Pengsoo’s 210 CM Live song series.


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With Jukjae playing acoustic guitar on the right, the two sang a cute and catchy love song.

In addition to their collaboration song, Pengsoo and Jukjae made a behind the scenes vlog of their songwriting process on March 11 for Pengsoo’s YouTube channel.

자이언트 펭TV/YouTube

Pengsoo and Jukjae work well as a team!


On March, rookie girl group NMIXX met with Pengsoo to ask for some advice.

From left to right, Bae, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Pengsoo, Sullyoon, Jinni, Haewon, and Lily | @giantpengsoo/Instagram

As they only debuted in February 2022, the seven-member girl group wanted tips for how to stand out in an introduction.

Pengsoo came up with the idea of filming a video where NMIXX shouts their names to the sound of their song “TANK”.

Pengsoo posted NMIXX’s introduction reel to Instagram, complete with animated graphics and quirky editing.


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Additionally, Pengsoo took center stage as they danced with NMIXX to their song “O.O”.

Pengsoo’s dance moves were so on point that Kyujin even offered to let them join the group!

4. PSY

While the two might not have met in person, PSY and Pengsoo recently had an exciting online exchange.

It all started on May 15, when Pengsoo wowed viewers as they danced to PSY and BTS Suga‘s song “That That”.


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Two days later on May 17, PSY uploaded a mysterious split image of himself edited next to Pengsoo, with the caption, “Pengsoo’s identity caught, identity was PSY”.

PSY’s Instagram post with Pengsoo | @42psy42/Instagram

Whether or not the Pengsoo dancing in the video was secretly PSY, the sudden communication perhaps means that the two are planning a future collaboration.

Regardless, with 417,000+ Instagram views, fans are loving Pengsoo’s dance cover and hope that Suga will also get to share his reaction to the video.

As 2022 is nowhere close to being over, we look forward to see who Pengsoo will meet up with next!