4 Questions We Want Answered In “The Penthouse” Season 2

Remember all these loose ends from season 1?

The highly anticipated second season of SBS‘s The Penthouse: War in Life is just one week away from hitting screens, and there are so many cliffhangers that need to be addressed. Here are four of the most burning questions we want answered ASAP.

1. Is Shim Su Ryeon really dead?

If there’s one character who has everyone’s mind buzzing, it’s Shim Su Ryeon. At the end of The Penthouse‘s penultimate episode, the vigilante mother was told her step-children had been kidnapped. Of course, in true Penthouse style, it was all a trap that culminated with Shim Su Ryeon being stabbed. Unfortunately, it seems she didn’t survive the attack, since she was later carried away on a stretcher.

However, numerous viewers aren’t convinced she’s really dead. For one, Shim Su Ryeon was one of the show’s most important characters, so the showrunners killing her off seems unlikely. On top of that, fans of the show also noticed something curious: in the scene before Shim Su Ryeon was killed, she was wearing earrings. In her death scene, however, they’re missing. Is it just a continuity error, or could it be a sign the iconic character is still alive?

2. Who is the woman with the butterfly tattoo?

In episode 16 of The Penthouse, Logan Lee presents Shim Su Ryeon with a curious photo of a woman holding twins—characters Seok Hoon and Seok Kyung as babies. The woman had her back to the camera, so her face was never revealed, but viewers did see a butterfly tattoo on the back of her left shoulder.

Logan Lee asked Shim Su Ryeon who the woman was, proposing that maybe she was the twins’ real mother. However, Shim Su Ryeon told him that the twin’s mother died of sepsis during childbirth. Since then, the identity of the woman with the butterfly tattoo is yet to be revealed.

3. How did Oh Yoon Hee survive?

After Oh Yoon Hee had a shock change of heart at her murder trial in The Penthouse finale, Oh Yoon Hee kidnapped her to interrogate her on her crimes. In the midst of all the chaos, Oh Yoon Hee stabbed herself in the throat. The last viewers saw of her, she was collapsed on the ground with blood seeping from her wound.


However, the show’s season 2 trailer soon revealed that Oh Yoon Hee is alive, well, and seemingly a woman with a mission. So, how did she survive such severe wounds? Since she was technically an escaped convict at the time, it seems unlikely she could have sought medical attention without getting caught.

4. How did Logan Lee escape?

Before Logan Lee hijacked Oh Yoon Hee’s police van and kidnapped her, he was seen tied up in a chair in a warehouse. In the previous episode, he was kidnapped himself by Joo Dan Tae’s posse. After an intense conversation, Joo Dan Tae eventually walked away from Logan Lee, leaving him tied up to die.

That leaves two questions waiting to be answered: how did Logan Lee escape the warehouse in the first place, and why didn’t Joo Dan Tae come after him again?

The Penthouse: War in Life season 2 will premiere on Friday, February 19. Until then, watch the trailer here: