People Call NCT Introverted, But Their Pre-Debut Pictures Prove Otherwise

These pre-debut photos show completely different aspects of these stars!

1. NCT Lucas

Lucas was never introverted to begin with. He even attended Kim So Hyun’s fansign event before his debut.


2. NCT Johnny

Johnny has a mischievous-looking smile on his face as he sits in a hole.


3. NCT Jisung

Jisung was a real charmer since he was just a young kid!


4. NCT Taeil

Taeil knew the right places…

…and the right expressions to make when taking photos. He could easily pass for the class clown judging by this collage.


5. NCT Ten

Ten was apparently a punk rocker when he was little.

And then he became just a really happy rocker.


6. NCT Jaehyun

Jaehyun sure knew how to be cute, even as a student.


7. NCT Jeno

Look at that expression! Jeno was born a star.


8. NCT Mark

Mark looks anything but introverted in this three-musketeers photo.


9. NCT Renjun

It’s not any day you can find a little kid who exudes such attitude wearing a tuxedo.


10. NCT Chenle

Chenle looks like a boy of the ocean, looking so comfortable posing in the water.


11. NCT Haechan

Haechan was as cute as he is now when he was a child. His bright smile just makes you want to squeeze his little cheeks.


12. Bonus!

This photo shows that NCT’s Yuta was just a really cute baby!

And here’s NCT’s Kun pre-debut with Jay Chou, the man who inspired Kun to become a singer!

And finally, NCT’s WinWin with actress Tang Wei.

Source: Instiz