People Chose These Four TWICE Members As The Ones Who Look Good Both In Photos And IRL


Though all of TWICE are beautiful, netizens chose these four as the ones who look flawless both in photos and IRL.

1. Jeongyeon

Many agree that Jeongyeon could easily be a model due her good body proportions and her small face.

2. Sana

Many people also say that she has godly proportions. Due to her small face, people have compared Sana to a real life doll.

3. Dahyun

Though she’s not tall, people agree that her proportions are top notch. People say that she resembles a fairy!

4. Tzuyu

Known as the official visual of TWICE, Tzuyu has always been praised for her top-tier visuals and her model-like height.

Source: TheQoo