People Chose These Top Celebrities As The Ones They Thought Were Korean, But Aren’t

They’re not Korean citizens.

Based on a survey, here are the eight celebrities that netizens were shocked to find weren’t Korean citizens.

8. Ahn Hyo Seop (2.8%)

Though Ahn Hyo Seop was born in Korea, he was raised in Toronto, Canada. His nationality is Canadian and he is fluent in both Korean and English. Prior to debuting as an actor, he was part of the original line-up for GOT7.

7. Jung Ryeo Won (3.3%)

Born in Korea in 1981, Jung Ryeo Won and her family emigrated to Australia in 1992. Originally, she encountered discrimination due to her not being fluent, which lead her to study English harder. She adapted to the Australian way of living by junior high and has dual citizenship for Korea and Australia.

6. Han Chae Young (3.5%)

Originally born in Daegu, Han Chae Young and her family emigrated soon after her birth to the United States. She was raised in suburban Chicago and attended a local high school there. She was discovered by a talent scout during a visit to Korea.

5. Lee Da Hae (5.7%)

Lee Da Hae was born in Seoul, South Korea, but moved to Australia when she hit 5th grade. She practiced Korean traditional dance and was known as the “Korean Dancer Girl” during her high school life. The actress became fluent in both English and Chinese during her studies abroad. She has dual citizenship for Korea and Australia.

4. Mark (NCT) (8%)

Born to Korean parents, Mark‘s was born in Toronto but was raised in Vancouver. The idol is fluent in English and joined SM Entertainment through their global auditions in Vancouver, Canada. Through the course of his life, he lived in four cities: New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and Seoul.

3. Mad Clown (11.3%)

Many people are shocked to find out that rapper Mad Clown was born United States but was raised in South Korea. Mad Clown is known for his sharp, high tone rapping, as well as being a producer and judge on the fifth season of Show Me The Money.

2. Choi Woo Shik (11.5%)

Choi Woo Shik immigrated to Canada for fifth grade, along with his family and sibling. He lived there for the next ten years of his life, finishing his high school education there. In college, Choi returned to Korea to take auditions, and made his acting debut in the drama The Duo.

1. Ma Dong Seok (38.7)

Ma Dong Seok was born in South Korea but was raised in America, and has American citizenship. During his youth, he was bullied for being small and frail. He started working out to prove his bullies wrong, and has even trained professional fighters like Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.

Check out the results of the survey below:

Source: Pann