People Are Loving These 10 Idols And Their Unique Colored Hair

They are rocking their unique hair colors!

These idols have sported cool and unique hair colors and fans can’t get enough of them!

1. Inseong (SF9)

Fans are in love with Inseong‘s gray-pastel hair, saying it only enhances his fennex fox-like qualities!

2. Sana (TWICE)

Sana rocked platinum blonde for TWICE‘s “FANCY” comeback, and many are hoping that she keeps it since it makes her look even more doll-like.

3. Minju (IZ*ONE)

WIZ*ONEs agre that Peach Minju should stay, citing that it brings out her milky white skin even more and makes her stand out in the group.

4. Taeyong (NCT)

Taeyong looks like an anime character come to life with this dark blue bowl cut, with many saying that it highlights his sculpture-like visuals even more.

5. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Taeyeon can pull off any hair color, and her platinum blonde hair and pale pink hair is just proof of it! When you’re as gorgeous as Taeyeon, anything will make you look good.

6. Jin (BTS)

BTS‘s Jin self-dyed his hair purple and fans are in love with it! Even if it’s a little patchy, fans say it just makes the look more unique and ARMYs just purple it (a.k.a they LOVE it!)

7. Nakyung (fromis_9)

When Nakyung sported pink hair for the group’s “FUN!” comeback, netizens and fans alike fell in love with her doll-like looks. Now that her hair is platinum blonde, some fans are calling her a real life Barbie doll!

8. Yeonjung (Cosmic Girls)

Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung dyed her hair a vibrant red that’s perfect for the summer! Dedicated to the look, fans noted how she even dyed her eyebrow hairs red and are in love with how refreshing it makes her look!

9. Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna sported red hair during their comeback stages and showered everyone with her warmth. Now the idol has blonde platinum hair and is showing off just how cool she can be!

10. Jeno (NCT Dream)

Blonde Jeno was so popular “190618 Jeno” trended worldwide when photos of him blonde hit the web! Fans are hoping they’ll see more blonde Jeno in the future since it totally matches him!

Source: Pann