People Are Praising Oh My Girl’s Visuals After Their Appearance On “Queendom”

Their visuals are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Oh My Girl‘s popularity is currently skyrocketing following their appearance on Mnet‘s Queendom. Now that the girls are receiving more attention, netizens are paying more attention to not only their talents, but also their visuals.

This list will contain each member of Oh My Girl and what netizens think of their visuals.

1. Hyojung

Hyojung is gaining attention due to her innocent beauty. Fans comment that she’s the member who easily laughs or cries, showing off her pure heart.

2. YooA

YooA has always been a popular visual, and that only boosted after the show. Many agree that she has a refreshing visual, with plump lips and big eyes. Some people have compared her visuals to that of a refreshing cherry!

3. Jiho

Jiho is being recognized for her more androgynous looks, with people noting how she looks both pretty and handsome. Her visuals have attracted numerous female fans, with some comparing her visuals to that of people from the Choseon dynasty.

4. Seunghee

Not only is Seunghee being recognized for her adorable features, but also for her amiable personality. She is known for being adorable and cute as well as for being friendly and caring towards everyone. People have compared her visuals to Pikachu, and she owns it well!

5. Binnie

Binnie is being well-loved for her stone cold visuals as well as her small face. The idol can pull of short hair well since her face is so small, and many female fans have mentioned how envious they are of her.

6. Mimi

Mimi is snatching hearts with her girl crush visuals. As the rapper of the group, she is fierce on stage but in reality, she has lots of aegyo in real life.

7. Arin

Arin’s visuals are being compared to that of a deer. Totally adorable during her debut, but now that she’s matured, she looks mature and clean. As the maknae of the group, Arin has a special place in fan’s heart as their baby.

Source: Pann