7 Of The Cutest Photo Poses Created By K-Pop Idols

#2 is absolutely legendary!

Idols love to delight fans by posting pictures on social media, and in today’s K-Pop, being unique with your poses matters a lot. These seven idols were able to come up with some of the cutest gestures that made them go viral and eventually become a lot of people’s go-to gestures when taking pictures.

From the iconic finger heart to the adorable “apple heart”, here are seven of the cutest photo poses K-Pop idols creatively came up with.

1. Chuu’s “Apple Heart”

Chuu took the industry by storm with her “Apple Heart” pose, to the point where her seniors were even doing it during their music show performances!

| @locomotion/Twitter 

2. INFINITE Woohyun’s “Finger Heart”

While there’s a lot of debate on whether Woohyun invented or just popularised the pose, it’s definitely the first idol we think of when we see the legendary finger heart pose.

The gesture is so iconic, even US President Joe Biden did it with BTS.

| @BTS_official/Twitter

3. IU’s “Blooming Flower”

IU‘s innocent and delicate visuals make her own rendition of a flower pose more than perfect for her.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

4. Ravn’s “Jjonyangi Ears”

The pose is just as unique as the name! “Jjonyangi Ears” is formed by taking “Jjo” from the idol’s real name Youngjo and pairing it with “Nyangi” which comes from “cat” in Korean.

RAVN doing the pose. | @official_oneus/Instagram

Stray Kids’ Felix doing the pose. | @myhappinessfelix913/Twitter

5. SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s “Horanghae”

Hoshi is a tiger personified, thus him creating a pose mimicking a tiger claw is only right! “Horanghae” is a mix of the words “tiger” and “love” in Korean.

Hoshi doing the pose on the red carpet. | Dispatch

Seventeen’s Jun doing the pose during a fan call. | @柠檬不会酸_/Weibo

6. Cosmic Girls Luda’s “Luda Heart”

Luda‘s face/cheek heart is deemed perfect for an adorable pose that’s not overly cute, finding the perfect balance by filling the space between the two halves of a heart with the idols’ beautiful faces.

EXO’s Kai doing the Luda Heart during a music show.

7. Park Jihoon’s “I’ll save you in my heart”

One of the cutest poses on the list, the former WANNA ONE star captured the fans’ hearts by “saving them” in his while gesturing a snapshot over his chest.

Jihoon doing the gesture for his fansite. | @borntobecutie99/Twitter

Girls’ Generation Yoona doing the gesture while filming “Happy Together.” | KBS Entertain /YouTube