20+ Photos Of BTS Living Their Best Onesies Lives

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with these snuggly goofs?

BTS can be cool, sexy, and charismatic, but A.R.M.Ys just love it when BTS buttons up their onesies and show off their adorkable side.


1. “I am the ballerino monkey, also known as ‘Worldwide Flexible’.”


2. “I am the dork dragon! Fear my aegyo!”


3. “I am the sunny bunny, here to brighten your darkest days!”


4. “Greetings, A.R.M.Y! I hail from the Planet Snuggle. Want to snuggle? I have much snuggles to snuggle.”


5. “Don’t mind me, I’m just the Golden Bunny, here to hop to the top of your bias list.”


6. “RM? Do you mean ‘Rawr Monster’?”


7. Behold, the cutest carnivores who have ever roamed the earth.


8. Someone lost a bet…


9. “Excuse me? Reptiles are cute!”


10. A bunny wearing a bunny. It doesn’t get much more adorable than this.


11. This rare species of land shark survives on the love of fans and has a voice more mesmerizing than any mermaid’s.




12. Hearts, stripes, and polka dots? Only V can pull off this look!


13. “My Life As a Carrot” by Jungkook


14. “I only do aegyo for A.R.M.Y.”


15. “Even these ridiculous pajamas can’t hide my handsomeness.”


16. “Why did the chicken cross the runway? Because he’s awesome. That’s why.”


17. “Do not be alarmed, fair maiden. I am a prince cleverly disguised as a dragon.”


18. “We must not let the chicken rap!”


19. “Cute is my middle name.”


20. When good bunnies go bad.


21. Awkward monkeys need love too!


22. “Rawr means ‘I love you’!”


23. Nobody does a mic drop like the Swag Squirrel.