10 Photos That Prove That BTS’s V Is The King Of Side Profiles

He’s too good to be true!

BTS‘s V is a known visual, having topped the TC Candler’s Most Handsome Men List in 2019, and well, he has stolen many hearts because of his looks! Although his face is already as handsome as it is, his side profile is just a whole other level!

Here are 10 photos that prove that BTS’s V is the king of side profiles!

1. One word: gorgeous

2. V is an art

3. The symmetry is unreal

4. His smile brightens up the whole world

5. That jaw line is chiseled to perfection

6. God has his favorites and it’s showing

7. How is someone like him walking the earth with us mortals

8. Too handsome for everyone’s weak hearts

9. V is a good dream

10. Even his gaze can kill