Here Are Some Photos Of Krystal Living Up To Her Fashionista Rep In Her Signature Chic-Casual Style

These looks are all classic Krystal!

f(x)‘s Krystal is known to be the fashionista of her group. No matter what she wears, the idol-turned-actress knows exactly how to pull it off!

She’s made quite a name for herself with her signature chic yet comfy and casual style, and here are a few pictures to remind you of the true casual wear queen that Krystal is!

1. Krystal decked out in jeans, boots and a jacket at the airport to ward off the cold while still on top of her fashion game

2. Dressed in basics, but there’s nothing basic about her!

3. Krystal enjoys herself at a restaurant warmly dressed in a coat, and a scarf loosely wound around her neck

4. She’s stunning in an all-black outfit with a brown jacket and a burnt orange handbag to add a pop of color!


5. Dressed comfortably in an all-black outfit with a red handbag to cleverly break the monotony


6. Krystal gazes into the camera in a casual outfit consisting of a grey blouse, black pants, cover-up, bag and black heels to lend the outfit a classy touch



Krystal truly is the classy-casual style queen!