Photos of TWICE’s Nayeon From Birth Until Now Show Her Complete Evolution

This is what she looked like before debut.

1. Baby Nayeon

Baby Nayeon was, as below evidence clearly shows, adorable af since day one. Rumor has it her smile came into the world and made it a nicer place by a quantifiable percentage.

2. Student Days

As Nayeon came into her teen years, she kept the cuteness as well as all her good looks.

3. Audition

Little did JYP Entertainment or Nayeon herself know that this audition would have a huge impact on K-Pop.

4. Trainee

Between auditioning and joining SIXTEEN, Nayeon was a star trainee at JYP Entertainment. In addition to a drama cameo and a few CFs, she even starred in GOT7‘s “Girls Girls Girls” music video.


She was chosen to participate in JYP Entertainment’s Mnet survival show SIXTEEN, which formed TWICE. She was the #1 contender and an early fan favorite.

6. Pre-Debut

As Nayeon became more familiar with fans and approached debuting, she became even brighter and charming on camera!

7. Debut

TWICE debuted in 2015 and ever since, Nayeon’s been the main center for TWICE’s music videos. Why? Because in all his wisdom, JYP realized that Nayeon just draws people right into her beautifulness and traps them there for however long she wants.

8. The International Sensation

As TWICE grew and evolved into a beloved national treasure and K-Pop’s shining example of amazing music and dance choreography, Nayeon also became an international sensation. Cuteness does not have borders, as they say (or should). She maintains the beautiful smile she had since day one.

Bonus: Nayeon, the would-be helicopter