20+ Photos Of Red Velvet Irene That Will Make You Believe God Is A Woman

These pictures will convert you to the church of Irene.

Irene of Red Velvet is known as one of the top visuals in Korea. Her beauty has been described as “ethereal” and her facial proportions as perfect. These pictures prove that both of these assessments couldn’t be truer.

1. Perfect proportions

2. Exposed shoulders

3. With bangs

4. Purple hair

5. Cool and collected

6. Debut Irene

7. Summery look

8. Disinterested

9. Power Up

10. Press ready

11. Blonde hair

12. Red Velvet’s red flower

13. Dark look

14. Selfie Queen

15. Bad boy

16. Press conference

17. Lights, camera, action

18. Selfie Queen v2

19. With glasses

20. Flannel Irene

21. Pre-debut Irene (Bonus)

Red Velvet