The Evolution of TWICE’s Momo Shown In 10 Pictures, In Honor Of Her Birthday

She’s grown so much 🥺

It’s TWICE Momo‘s birthday, and ONCEs couldn’t be more proud of the funny, kind, bubbly, smart, and talented woman she’s become!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are 10 pictures that show Momo’s evolution over the years in honor of her birthday!

1. She’s been rocking her iconic bangs for years

Momo’s bangs are famous in the K-Pop world, and it looks like she’s been wearing this cute hairstyle for most of her life!

2. She’s always looked like idol material

Even before her debut, Momo’s confidence and gorgeous smile just screamed charisma! Although she wasn’t a superstar yet, she definitely had the makings of one years before her debut!

3. She showed the world just how amazing her dancing was on SIXTEEN

Momo stood out on SIXTEEN, the survival show that formed TWICE, for her dance skills and powerful stage presence. Although she was still a trainee at the time, she totally commanded the stage like a veteran K-Pop idol!

4. “Like Ooh-Aah” proved Momo had the makings of a superstar

Momo definitely fit TWICE’s edgy concept for their debut song, “Like Ooh-Aah!” We’ll never forget her iconic dance break from the group’s debut!

5. “Cheer Up” showed Momo’s duality

“Cheer Up” was a brighter concept than “Like Ooh-Aah,” and Momo had no problems fitting this new concept! She showed her cute side during every single performance of this song.

6. She showed a more mature side with “Fancy”

“Fancy” marked the beginning of TWICE’s transition into more mature concepts. To smooth the concept transition, this song struck a fine balance between being cheery, cute, elegant, and classy. Momo did not struggle to adapt to the concept of “Fancy” at all!

7. She proved she looks just as great without her bangs with “Feel Special”

“Feel Special” was the era of Momo’s forehead! Although ONCEs were shocked to see Momo without her bangs, they couldn’t get over her gorgeous she looked with her new hairstyle.

8. She proved her dance skills extend to all genres with “Alcohol-Free”

“Alcohol-Free” has a bossa nova vibe, and the choreography draws from Latin dances in keeping with the song’s feel. Although she wasn’t trained in this particular genre of dance, Momo had no problems adapting to the new choreography style!

9. Although she has a bubbly personality, she suited the dark concept of “Perfect World”

“Perfect World,” TWICE’s latest Japanese single, was one of the group’s darkest concepts ever! Although the song was a marked change from the cheerful music TWICE is known for, Momo suited this concept extremely well. ONCEs loved seeing her show off her dark and sexy side with this song.

10. “The Feels” further cemented Momo’s status as a global superstar

“The Feels” was TWICE’s first all-English single, and it brought Momo and TWICE to an even wider audience. In every performance of this song, Momo looked like she was born to be a global superstar.