A Close-Up Look At Some Of TWICE Chaeyoung’s Gorgeous Tattoos

Her tattoos are so beautiful and unique!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has gorgeous tattoos!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here’s a look at a few of Chaeyoung’s beautiful tattoos!

1. Lips

Some fans refer to this tattoo on Chaeyoung’s left wrist as her strawberry lips tattoo. She used apricot and neon magenta, TWICE’s official colors, as the colors for this tattoo, which proves her love for her group runs deep!

2. Cherry tomatoes

Chaeyoung’s tiny cherry tomatoes tattoo on her left forearm is just as cute and unique as she is!

3. Carrots

These 4 carrots above Chaeyoung’s left hand were first spotted by ONCE at the same time as her cherry tomatoes tattoo. At the time, TWICE was at Incheon International Airport on their way to Malaysia for a concert in August 2019.

4. Shot through the heart

Chaeyoung has a gorgeous tattoo of a heart with an arrow through it behind her right ear. This tattoo was spotted by ONCE at the same time as her cherry tomatoes and carrots tattoos.

5. Constellation

Chaeyoung’s left wrist is home to a beautiful constellation of colorful stars! Some fans have speculated that this tattoo represents her family.

6. Quarter rest

This musical symbol is located just above Chaeyoung’s carrots tattoo.

7. Fish

Chaeyoung designed the fish tattoo near her left elbow herself!

8. Birdcage

Chaeyoung showed off this beautiful tattoo in a magazine photoshoot back in August 2021.

9. Butterfly

Chaeyoung has a gorgeous butterfly tattoo near her hand. We love those colors!

10.  Flowers

These brightly colored flowers look so good on Chaeyoung’s hand!

11. Plant

Chaeyoung has a massive, gorgeous plant tattoo on her arm!

12. Back tattoo

Nobody has figured out the design of Chaeyoung’s back tattoo just yet, but we do know it’s absolutely gorgeous!

13. Penguin…maybe

Fans think this tattoo might be a penguin!

14. New neck tattoo?

Fans spotted what’s likely a new neck tattoo in TWICE’s videos with choreographer Kiel Tutin!