10 Surprisingly Strong Female Idols Who Are Basically The Real-Life Do Bong Soon

Wonder Woman? How about Wonder Women!

Some people might think that all the girls in K-Pop are delicate idols because of their cute concepts but they couldn’t be more wrong! There are actually a number of female idols who totally crush their opponents with their incredible strength! Who says that Hercules is so strong? We’re pretty sure these idols have that hero beat!


1. Kim Sejeong (gugudan)

Gifted with extreme strength this tiny idol has an incredible strength that would rival Superman’s! From the time that she crushed Kyung Soo Jin‘s legs between her own…


To the time she carried around Defconn, she’s proven time and time again that she’s the real Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!


2. Suzy

Don’t let Suzy‘s sweet appearances fool you, she’s actually one of the strongest female idols around! She can break boards with the best of them.


And never ever let her talk you into arm wrestling!


3. Hani (EXID)

The interesting thing about Hani‘s strength is that it seems to come out at the most random moments. For instance, when she’s in the water her strength makes an appearance and she’s suddenly way ahead of everyone else.


Then again one of her most impressive displays of strength was when she easily knocked down FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki during a monkey bar game!


4. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

You may not realize it but Yoona packs quite a punch. Fans know that her nickname “Him Yoona” means “Strong Yoona” and there’s a very good reason for it! She’s done everything from carrying around her fellow members to totally dominating the chicken leg game.


5. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Seeing the picture of Hyeri lifting Minah up is convincing enough…


But when she lifted up both Defconn and Jung Hyun Don on Weekly Idol we couldn’t stop marveling at her strength!


6. Goo Hara (former KARA member)

On an episode of Sweet Girl, Goo Hara was able to pull a truck with only her strength. Need we say more?


7. Chorong (Apink)

Turns out there might be a reason that the Apink members don’t really fight. That’s because their leader is a 3rd-degree black belt in Hapkido!


Besides her obvious foot skills, she’s also got some major upper body strength that prove she’s not someone you would want to mess with!


8. Bomi (Apink)

Then again Bomi is also really strong! She might be known for her cute and funny personality for the most part but she’s also a third dan in Taekwondo! Her board breaking skills are pretty much legendary!


9. Eunji (Apink)

Apink has one more incredibly strong powerhouse on their team, Eunji! On one episode of Running Man, Eunji held her own against a number of idols on a platform.


And it took two members from MBLAQ to throw her into the water!


10. Soyou (former SISTAR member)

Who else has amazing strength? Soyou! Whenever she arm wrestles you can easily guess who the victor is going to be!