Pick Your Favorite BTS J-Hope From A Rainbow Variety Of J-Hopes

Option 8: All of the above.

Just in case you are having anything less than a super sunshiny kind of day, here is BTS‘s ball of positive energy, J-Hope, in all seven colors of the rainbow. The best part of this is, you don’t actually have to pick one over the other. You can take all seven Hobis and let his good energy flow right through your day. Yep, you’re welcome!


1. Red Hobi

Here’s a heart J-Hope has personally prepared for you!


2. Orange Hobi

If J-Hope and Suga — as Sope — in full orange tracksuits can’t bring a smile to your face…


3. Yellow Hobi

… then perhaps the Sunflower J-Hope “Sope” can!


4. Green Hobi

Sometimes we just need a little bit of the Silly J-Hope in our lives.


5. Blue Hobi

Has J-Hope’s peculiar sense of fashion made you crack a smile yet?


6. Indigo Hobi

His bubbly personality sure can be contagious.


7. Violet Hobi

J-Hope definitely purples you. Let him cheer you up!