20 Moments That Prove Red Velvet’s Wendy Was Right To Call Irene’s Nose Bridge A “Work Of Art”

She really is the “original visual”.

Red Velvet‘s Irene has such perfect bone structure, even her own members marvel at it. It’s so impressive, Wendy once uploaded photos of Irene to Instagram and captioned them with very appropriate hashtags: #TheSideProfileIWasTalkingAbout #NoseBridgeIsAWorkOfArt. These 20 moments show off Irene’s side profile so well, you’ll be just as mesmerized by her nose bridge as Wendy was.

1. What’s the most beautiful thing in this photo?

Be honest, did you even notice the $232,000 USD necklace when Irene’s beautiful nose bridge is right there?

2. This “La Rouge” poster had everyone wanting a concert ticket

3. Sunshine only makes her beauty brighter

4. Damiani couldn’t have chosen a better model

5. Her eyes are just as stunning from the side too

6. Irene’s nose is putting ski slopes out of business

7. Her bunny-like visuals are out of this world

8. Yeri’s nose bridge looks pretty in the back too

9. What’s the real prize: that trophy, or Irene?

10. Airport staff probably stare a little longer when they check her passport

11. Have you ever seen someone so ethereal?

12. Even the slightest smile has everyone melting

13. Fun fact: Seulgi took this photo

14. Was she sculpted by angels?

15. Irene’s face shows emotion perfectly

16. Even in her rookie days, Irene’s beauty was marvellous

17. She looks like a real life fairy

18. Look at that gorgeous smile!

19. Incredible from her eyes to her lips to her jawline

20. Literal perfection

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