These Pictures Of ATEEZ With No Makeup Show That Their Barefaced Visuals Are Actually Flawless IRL

The evidence is in.

ATEEZ are known as one of the best performance groups in the history of K-Pop, but here are pictures of the members without makeup that prove they are also a group of natural visuals.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

1. Hongjoong

The leader has often been seen with no makeup, and each time he proves he doesn’t need anything more than his comfy outfits to steal your heart.

2. Seongwha

Eldest member Seonghwa has got undeniable visuals. Whether he’s in full stage costume or he’s chilling with no makeup on, he’s bound to send ATINYs into meltdown.

3. Yunho

Yunho’s shining personality means even his barefaced visuals are always glowing.

4. Yeosang

Yeosang doesn’t need makeup, he just has to stare into your soul and you’re done for.

5. San

This visual king is unrivaled, period.

6. Mingi

Mingi doesn’t have to try. He was just born with it.

7. Wooyoung

Wooyoung’s natural visuals are so superior that the only thing that can match them is his talent.

8. Jongho

Jongho is killing it in every department: singing, dancing, acting, and visuals.