10+ Pictures Of BTS’s Jungkook As A Blonde That We’ll Never Get Over

Blonde Jungkook is unforgettable!

BTS‘s Jungkook looks good with all hair colors, but his blonde hair is legendary!

Here are 10+ photos of blonde Jungkook we’ll never get over!

1. Exuding powerful CEO energy

Jungkook would be the coolest (and most handsome) boss ever!

2. He’s so ethereal

Jungkook’s visuals are so breathtaking!

3. He would’ve been a grunge icon in the ’90s

Jungkook would’ve been the it boy of the ’90s with his blonde hair and this haircut!

4. We <3 his blonde hair

Even with half his face covered, blonde JK is still handsome!

5. Literal golden maknae

Jungkook’s blonde hair definitely lives up to his nickname!

6. We’re never moving on from this one

This photo is simply unforgettable!

7. He’s so precious

Seriously, what’s not to love about Jungkook?

8. His mirror selfie game is unbeatable

The blonde hair, the tattoos, the earrings! Too much to handle!

9. Blonde JK was really passionate about peace signs

No matter how many peace sign selfies Jungkook takes, we’ll never get tired of them!

10. A literal prince

Jungkook looks like royalty!

11. Go little rockstar

We will never shut up about blonde MTV Unplugged Jungkook!

12. Simply unforgettable

He looks so handsome here!