4 Places You MUST Go To In Seoul, According To SEVENTEEN

You can’t travel to Seoul without doing them all.

Since Seoul is the capital of South Korea and has plenty of places to explore, SEVENTEEN revealed four places that a traveler to the country has to experience at least once.

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1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

The first destination was none other than the beautiful home of the Joseon Dynasty’s kings. Jeonghan recommended Gyeongbokgung Palace for travelers to “experience [Korean] culture and tradition.

2. Han River

Switching gears from a historical environment to one of relaxation, leader S.Coups couldn’t go without recommending the ever-popular Han River. Seungkwan pointed out the “quite nice” view while S.Coups noted all the “diverse things you can do there.

One of those things was eating “delicious food.Joshua revealed that a park outing can turn into a picnic by ordering food right to the actual park.

You can order delivery when you’re at Hangang, at the park. And you just have to tell them where you are, and they deliver it straight to you.

— Joshua

While the members had memories of exercising and playing basketball at the Han River Park, Dino picked up a biking hobby he thinks everyone should try.

Speaking as a person who recently started riding bicycles quite frequently by the river, it’s an activity and hobby that I strongly recommend: riding by the Han River.

— Dino

3. Apgujeong

Mingyu emphasized how important it was to visit a “hot spot” like Apgujeong or Garosugil to become immersed in the hustle and bustle of Korea’s city life.

Walk down the roads; take in the vibe. Go wherever your heart takes you. That’s the fun in traveling.

— Mingyu

4. HYBE Museum

Taking a sudden turn, Woozi surprised them by naming HYBE’s museum, where fans can check out items from the company’s artists or purchase bakery treats.


Not only is HYBE INSIGHT a comforting place for the members, but Woozi shared that it was designed to appeal to a variety of tastes.

We visited HYBE INSIGHT, and it was so nice. And well-curated so that many people could enjoy the space. And because I’m basically in that area throughout the year—for all four seasons—it’s just comfortable for me.

— Woozi

Bonus: A SEVENTEEN Concert

Naturally, a trip to the capital wouldn’t be complete without adding a SEVENTEEN in Seoul concert to your trip.

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