A Plastic Surgeon Does A Facial Analysis On BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Jisoo…And Gives Them Ultimate Praise

Two members with some different charms.

The members of BLACKPINK all have a unique charm to them and have different aspects that make them stand out. A plastic surgeon on YouTube, by the name of “PSPS“, decided to do a facial analysis on Jisoo and Lisa to see what makes each of them so unique.


1. Jisoo’s forehead

Jisoo has a small face, and her forehead is a big reason for it, where the upper part of her forehead has the appropriate volume

2. Jisoo’s eyes

Jisoo has very natural looking double eyelid lines, and the area under her eyes gives her a youthful appearance.

3. Jisoo’s nose

Despite having a slight hump in her nose, she has the appropriate angles to where her nose never looks long.

4. Jisoo’s lips

Jisoo’s lips also fit well with her overall cute and natural face.

5. Overall


1. Lisa’s eyes

Lisa has very large eyes, she also has a high double eyelid line, which helps give off a charismatic look.

2. Few spaces

Lisa also has very few empty spaces due to her small face and large eyes.

3. Lisa’s nose

Lisa has a very sharp nose, which helps give off a “fancy” look.

4. Lisa’s lips

Lisa has an amazing volume in her lips and is one of her charming points.

5. Overall

Here is the full video below!