This Playlist Of BTS’s Break-Up Songs Will Leave You Sobbing

Prepare the tissues!

These lyrics are so painful that, even if you have never been dumped, they’ll make you feel like you just ended a 5-year relationship.

1. Outro: Love is Not Over

Produced and written by Jungkook and Jin, “Love Is Not Over” is ninth and last track of the 2015 album “화양연화 The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.1”, originally just performed by the vocal line, this track was later included in the repackage album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever”, where it features all of the BTS members.

The song talks about denial and saying goodbye to a lover, it centers on how painful it is to keep being in love with a person who doesn’t love you anymore.


Love is so painful
Goodbyes are even more painful
I can’t go on if you’re not here
Love me, love me
Come back to my arms

Outro: Love Is Not Over, BTS



“I Need U” is the lead single for BTS’s third album, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1”, released in 2015. The members that participated in it’s creation were RM, J-Hope and Suga.

The song expresses the negative feelings people have after they find themselves inside a toxic relationship, both parts are hurting, and they’re harming each other, but they won’t bring themselves to break up because of the love that still remains between them.


Girl, just tell me you wanna break up
Girl, just tell me it wasn’t love
I have no courage to say that
Give me my last gift
So I can’t ever go back to you

I Need U, BTS


3. The Truth Untold

The Truth Untold was released on May 18, 2018 and it’s performed by BTS’s vocal-line. It’s the third track of the “Love Yourself: Tear” album and the tenth track of the “Love Yourself: Answer” album.

This song doesn’t has a definitive meaning, some fans say the lyrics talk about BTS’s inner feelings about their private and public lives, and other people think it’s a love song.

If we think of it as a love song we can easily explain the track as a poem about feeling inferior, insecure and afraid of presenting yourself to the person you love, because you are afraid they might leave you if you show them who you really are.


I’m crying
That’s disappeared
That’s fallen
Left alone in this sandcastle
Looking at this broken mask

The Truth Untold, BTS


4. Seesaw

“Trivia 轉: Seesaw” is Suga’s solo song for the compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer”. It was released on August 24, 2018.

The song talks about a relationship full of ups and downs, Suga explains that the relationship started well but after the passage of time the people involved started to grow tired of each other.


Alright, a repeating seesaw game
It’s about time we put an end to it
All right, this boring seesaw game
Somebody has to get out of here
Though neither of us can

Seesaw, BTS


5. Outro: Tear

“Outro: Tear” is a song written and performed by BTS’s Rap Line (RM, J-Hope and Suga). It was released on May 18, 2018 and it is the eleventh and last track of the album “Love Yourself: Tear”.

BTS’s rap-line narrates the struggle of ending a relationship in a bad note (To me, you were once my dear / But now you’re merely a bitter beer), it explores the feelings of self-loathing and doubt toxic relationships usually leave on lovers who, ultimately, end up being mere strangers after breaking up.


This is the real you and this is the real me
Now we’ve seen the end and not even resentment is left
I’ve woken up from the sweet dream and I close my eyes
This is the real you and this is the real me

Outro: Tear, BTS.


6. Epiphany

“Epiphany” is Jin’s solo song for the compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer”. It was released on August 25, 2018.

At the beginning of the song Jin sings about wanting to live his life devoted to his lover without thinking about himself.

But even though it starts with a sad tone, Epiphany culminates with a message about self acceptance and self love that had everyone singing “I’m the one I should love in this World”.

So weird, I for sure loved you so much
Adapted to you with everything, I wanted to live my life for you
But as I keep doing that I just can’t bear the storm inside my heart
The real myself inside the smiling mask, I reveal it entirely

Epiphany, BTS


7. 134340

“134340” is the fourth track of BTS’s “Love Yourself: Tear” album.

The name makes allusion to the dwarf-planet Pluto. In 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) downgraded the status of Pluto from planet to dwarf planet because it did not meet the established criteria to be considered a full-sized planet.

This song uses plenty of symbolisms about Pluto’s situation to talk about how after being dumped by someone you loved dearly you can also move on and accept your current situation, even if it’s hard and painful.


I’ll be honest, even up until one year without you
I was fine, I didn’t have any feelings left
The last day I had forgotten
I don’t even remember your scent

134340, BTS


8. Hold Me Tight

“Hold Me Tight” was released on April 29, 2015. This is the third track of BTS’s album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1”. The song written by BTS’s V.

BTS immerses the listeners in one of the saddest and most tragic songs they have ever written. It’s a cry for help from a person who is being abandoned by their lover and that just asks for a last embrace (Can you trust me? / Please please please pull me tight, hold me).

Without you, I can’t breathe
I’m nothing without you
Open my closed heart, drench my heart
So I can feel you, hold me

Hold Me Tight, BTS