15 Plushies That Have Been Closer To TWICE Than You’ll Ever Be

These toys will make you jealous.

1. This Squirtle

Instead of Nayeon “catching” Squirtle, Squirtle “caught” Nayeon. Have you ever wanted to punch a Pokemon so badly?


2. This seal

Bad sea puppy! How dare you snuggle up to Sana like that!


3. This bunny

This fluffy rabbit has hopped into Sana’s heart…What a little sneak!


4. This Kermit the Frog

Kermit’s close proximity to Momo makes her fans green with envy.


5. This penguin

The way Mina snuggles this Arctic stuffie is just too cute for words. Her stans are just dying to take its place!


6. This tiny ducky

This lucky duck got to share a nose-kiss with Mina!


7. This Snorlax

Jeongyeon strummed a lullaby for this sleepy Snorlax.


8. This lucky trio

Sana showered a pair of chipmunks with so much affection that the seal just had to get in on the action. Any Sana stan would do the same!


9. This Winnie the Pooh

Tzuyu cradled this big, sweet bear like a baby. Aww! Doesn’t it just make you want to shove his head into a jar of honey?


10. This hamster

This oversized hamster plush looks embarrassed and slightly stressed out to be in Tzuyu’s arms. Listen, rodent, if you don’t want the love then get out the way! Tzuyu fans will gladly receive it for you!


11. This polar bear

Even Mina looks jealous of Jihyo‘s polar bear!


12. This baby penguin

Jihyo acted as this penguin’s wing-woman by helping it get closer to Mina!


13. This fat cat

Dahyun loves to carry this chubby, black kitty around. Fans would love to boot it across the parking lot and take its place.


14. This carrot

You never thought you’d be jealous of a vegetable, but here you are!


15. This plush

This wide-eyed plushie has the exact same stunned expression you might have if Jeongyeon hugged you!