POPSTIVAL 2022: Meet The 10 P-Pop Stars Who Will Perform Alongside Famous K-Pop Artists From Mnet’s “Queendom”

Which one is your favorite?

October 21 is the day P-Pop and K-Pop stans are waiting for!

Neuwave Events & Productions is bringing together various artists from South Korea and the Philippines for a joint festival entitled POPSTIVAL 2022: K-POP MEETS P-POP.

Save for rapper Be’O, the rest of the Korean artists who will grace the stage are all participants of Mnet‘s survival program, Queendom, namely VIVIZ, LOONA, Park Bom, Hyolyn, and Brave Girls.


Now it’s time to learn more about the Filipino artists who will also show off their talents in front of the crowd of thousands. Check out a crash course on the ten P-Pop artists joining the festival below.

1. SB19

First up, SB19 was the last group to be added to the lineup as well as the most highly anticipated one. Composed of five members—Stell, Ken, Justin, Pablo, and Josh—they are considered the starting point of P-Pop.

SB19 | @officialsb19/Instagram

They quickly amassed a large following after their highly synchronized dance practice video of their debut song “Go Up” went viral.

They are currently performing around the Philippines and will head abroad for their Where You At tour.

2. Felip

Ken from SB19 promotes under his real name, Felip, when it comes to his solo work. He will have his own time to shine in the POPSTIVAL stage as an individual artist.

Felip | @felipsuperior/Instagram

He released his debut song “Palayo” in 2021 and made a comeback a year later with “Bulan.” Since he is set to perform three songs in the festival, fans are looking forward to a possible spoiler track.


Fellow ShowBT Entertainment artist KAIA is the sister group of SB19. They have five members: AngelaCharlotteSophiaAlexa, and Charice.

They debuted in April 2022 with their single “BLAH BLAH,” showing off their many charms.

4. Calista

Another girl group who debuted this year is Calista from Tyronne Escalante Artist Management and Merlion Events Production. Their members include AnneDainLaizaElleDenise and Olive.

Calista | @calistamusicofficial/Instagram

They debuted on Valentine’s Day, February 14, of this year with the girl crush song “Race Car.”

5. Vxon

Vxon is a five member boy group under Corner Stone Entertainment (also known as CS Entertainment) who is often praised for their passionate performances. They consist of members C13SamPatrickVince, and Franz.

VXON | @vxonofficial/Instagram

They debuted this January with “The Beast” and amassed the title of “Monster Rookies of P-Pop.”

6. Lady Pipay

As for soloists, rising young Pinay talent Lady Pipay Navarro will have three song performances in POPSTIVAL. A host, dancer, and vlogger, she is also the youngest in the festival at just 15 years old.

| @ladypipay/Instagram

She is known for being skilled at dancing, sharing her practice videos and K-Pop covers to her almost 20,000 followers on Instagram and 120,000 subscribers on YouTube.

7. G22

G22 is a four member girl group under CS Entertainment, the same company that houses VXON. They consist of members AJ, AlfeaBianca, and Jaz who all have distinct strengths in vocal, dance, and rap.

They have a strong girl crush concept that was clearly evident in their debut song “Bang,” released in February 2022.

8. Alamat

Alamat is a rising six member boy group under Viva Artists AgencyTaneoMoTomásR-jiAlas and Jao debuted in February 2021 with “kbye.”

Alamat | @alamat_official/Instagram

They are unique in the P-Pop industry for always incorporating something traditionally Filipino into their clothing, music videos, songs, and more.

9. Press Hit Play

Charles, Yuuki, JP, and Sev make up the four current members of Press Hit Play. Their name forms the acronym “PHP” which is a tribute to their origin, the Philippines.

They debuted on August 6, 2021 with the feel-good song “WIN.”

10. BINI

Last but certainly not the least, BINI from ABS CBN‘s Star Magic is one of the most established groups in the P-Pop industry. They are an eight member girl group consisting of Jhoanna, AiahColetMaloiGwenStacey, Mikha and Sheena.


They went viral even before they officially debuted with “Born to Win” thanks to their refreshing rendition of the classic Pinoy song “Da Coconut Nut.”

These ten P-Pop artists will join the main show of the POPSTIVAL 2022 festival. Check out the performance lineup below.

Source: Instagram