This Popular Idol Is Red Velvet’s Biggest Fanboy, We Have Proof

It’s no secret that Suho really loves Red Velvet when he acts like this!

EXO‘s Suho is a self-confessed Red Velvet fanboy, so much so that his fellow members think he’d prefer to be a Red Velvet member than an EXO one! Suho shows his support for the girls by dancing to their songs, usually in front of them, and openly talking about his affection for the members. Check out his love below!


1. When his attempts at dancing while the girls were performing live was shut down by his fellow members.


2. When he tried to get Wendy’s attention at ISAC.


3. When he danced along to “Russian Roulette”.


4. When he thought of Red Velvet as soon as anyone mentioned “Level”.


5. When he enthusiastically danced and sang all the words as Red Velvet sang during their encore performance on Show! Music Core.


6. When he sung “Dumb Dumb” at an EXO concert and Kai was not impressed.

Baekhyun even told the crowd he had asked Suho to stop incessantly singing the lyrics, but he wouldn’t listen.


7. When he danced “Red Flavor” choreography next to Red Velvet as they sang after their win, making the girls laugh.


8. When he bought Red Velvet merchandise in 2015.

“Junmyeon bought this!”