20 Of The Most Popular K-Drama Characters Of All-Time

Fans just adore these characters!

Korean dramas are loved by fans all over the world. And perhaps what makes them so popular are the amazing characters played by all these talented actors. While there have been tons of iconic characters over the years, here are just some of the top fan-favorites, as chosen by fans:


20. Unnamed Female Student (Dream High 2)

BONUS: She might only have had a few seconds of screen time, but TWICE’s Nayeon made a special cameo in Dream High 2. Because this is the only appearance by a member of Korea’s top girl group, the character, though unnamed, has a cult following among fans!


19. Yoon Myung Joo (Descendants Of The Sun)


18. Choi Young Do (Heirs)


17. Son Oh Gong (A Korean Odyssey)


16. Kim Hyun Ji (Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight)


15. Kang Chul (W)


14. Cindy (Producer)


13. Nam Hong Ju (While You Were Sleeping)


12. Wang Yeo/Grim Reaper (Goblin)


11. Sung Deok Sun (Reply 1988)


10. Yoo Si Jin (Descendants Of The Sun)


9. Lee Ji An (My Mister)


8. Cheon Song Yi (My Love From The Star)


7. Lee Jun Ki (Waikiki)


6. Kim Shin (Goblin)


5. Jung Jae Chan (While You Were Sleeping)


4. Gu Jun Pyo (Boys Over Flowers)


3. Kim Bok Joo (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)


2. Cha Do Hyun (Kill Me, Heal Me)


1. Gong Tae Kwang (Who Are You: School 2015)